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Editing - polished draft

Impoverished courtesy scam artists Harvey Specter

Entrapment videre licet fiendish
gnarly hustling scheme erector -
sent me to the poor house, where alms
not forthcoming to ease financial affliction,
where yours truly money matters still stymies
ways and means to relocate
to a two bedroom apartment
courtesy low income housing.

knuckles and palms need love too

i love being kissed,
but not just kissed, i love being kissed with intention.
i love to be kissed on my hands.
honestly, i sometimes prefer it more than being kissed on the lips.
while it could be the attention to detail
that i paid to romantic idolizations i held in my youth;
i see it as acceptance,
rather than infatuation,
because acceptance is more permanent.

when i kissed your hands,
while i perhaps mimicked beloved fairytales in my mind,
i did it to show you i accepted you,
all of you.

'59 Plymouth...

For sale: 1959 Plymouth 4-dr. Blk. with red interior.
318 V-8, with 4bbl. auto-transmission
65, 000 mi. needs new battery and tune-up
Clear title, no liens - $65.00 firm.

It was love at first sight,
long, dark and intriguing
just a little bit rusted,
she said, to me screaming,

"Take me home sweetheart
You won't be sorry"
I forked over the loot,
my eyes were all starry.

A scrub and a tune-up
new battery 'n more
derusted and painted
mended holes in the floor

The Properties of Embers

It took me a while to understand love.
The kind that stays around and doesn't light new fires,
but shows you how to tend the embers that last.

The heat is still strong and gives a warmth you shouldn't ignore.
Embers when she still thinks you're funny after all these years.
Embers when forgiveness is given with just a look.
Embers when she says she wants to pass first,
because she doesn't want to know grief like that.

Embers are sometimes careless in this way.
Their heat can still burn you even without touch.


If you are a starving poet
And don’t have enough to eat
There’s a special kind of program
That’s design to help you cheat

If you have writer’s block
And lost all inspiration
Artificial intelligence
Is better than self insemination

AI has supplanted our souls
Like a weak and bloodless heart
Hardening the arteries
Artifice fucked up our art

So come meet your new assistant
Here to help you plagiarize,
Let me thieve some precious words
Like a genius in disguise

The mermaid

I saw a dream
it was a girl
who swam across
the sea of love

she was a mermaid
she sang a song
for people to know
and feel welcome

I swam myself
without an effort
I went closer
to hear her song

She kept a baby
inside a trolley
it seemed a mix
of human and fish

She held it in her arms
and sang to it
a happy song
a nice melody

I asked her about the song
She replied with lyrics
"Love is the answer
to every question"

Homemade Peach Cobbler (Romance Contest)

It's not always
Candlelit dinners,
Red roses,
Dresses and suits...

It's him pressing his leg against mine
Underneath the table.

It's making homemade peach cobbler
Or curled up in bed with a book

It's late night trips to no where,
Just to drive and listen to music

It's a tent and a campfire
In the backyard

It's those "just because" moments
That keep the romance alive.

A perfect poem

A perfect poem

Precious in its language use and flamboyant
Earthy it grounds me to the fluffy fertile soils
Reeking pleasantly the airs of joy, I am spoilt
For every word is a hiss of moist,
Edging towards point where my heart is oil
Creeps in my juggling bones, a spiraling cold
To this wonderful piece, I am owned, I am sold

Priss to describe this joint,
Oke that mends my soul,
Ever be my toned
Mesmerizing wonderful milestone

New lights

Before my eyes snow was twinkling,
An ethereal view, raining
The peak of the mountain takes its white coat
As eagles gather above
I'm hypnotized, lost in my tracks
Falling into a neverending crack
Until eventually a bird start singing,
And my eyes slowly start blinking.

Bully me, yours truly
never ordained, gifted, or blessed
with mien mean characteristic
evoking, jump/kickstarting,
representing, nor zapping
friend or foe courtesy fiery intimidation
if anything aura, charisma, dogma, and karma
emanating, issuing, and oozing out
body electric of one heretofore bookish fellow
immediately facilitates characterization
hashtagged lucubration and manifestation of quietude.


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