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Editing - polished draft

4,948 Life Lessons I’m still learning.

There is a stone in my chest.
It is cold and
lodged in place.
Swallowed as spoonfuls of sugar turned solid halfway down-
-Something a quarter of a century has taught me is
family is fickle. There is no blood or bond thick enough to get around it.
Love is conditional. There is always such a thing as being too much for someone.
Hope is beautifully dangerous. It guides the frontal cortex and leaves the lobe, flawed.
In rose-colored glasses, all those red flags will just look like flags-


I rise early to darkness
Autumn winds carry leaves
To their eternal resting places
My cares are likewise swept away
Chasing leaf litter, coaxed into flight
An ancient archer’s angular stance
Patiently waiting with bow drawn
Bearing witness to the ages
Takes notice of my awakening

Old Timer

I am too old, is what people say

I do not know what is going on today

It is past time for me to be gone

Everything I say, I say all wrong

Should get rid of my old-style ways

I am just living in the olden days

Look at me and call me an old timer

I am as out of date as a five and dimer

They do not see the wisdom in years

A fool only sees what he wants to hear

My ways may indeed be from the past

Maybe they are growing up to fast

Like Sherlock Holmes, they cannot catch a clue

Early Morning in Yosemite

Experimenting, we placed the moon
on various branches of the pines
while the morning was still very new

We considered the jealous stars above,
those not ready to depart the dawn
Amidst the chill of the Autumn air
they were invited to join us here
in our temple among the trees


The hustle and the bustle
Clamor of the line
All awaiting patiently
For beverage so divine

They’ll take your order quickly
Behind a gracious smile
Both the staff and furniture
Functioning with style

Write your name down on the cup
Cream or hot or iced?
Occasionally a little note
To make it extra nice

All of this is done of course
With spring in every hop
Delivering the perfect cup
Our favorite coffee shop

The Devil's Brain

I am lost deep inside the Devil's brain

Makes me feel like I am so deranged

Fire is burning hot inside of my head

Turns my conscience into ashes of dread

Darkness is devouring my inner thoughts

They are tying me down with evil knots

Internal suffering from vicious pain

Stuck deep inside the Devil's brain

Mellifluous Mobility...

Mellifluous murmmerings
slightly echoing tones
rolling down the valley
but barely heard

Undercover shushing
with over the land phones
showing what to see
from the eye of the bird

Nice wired wheels, whispering
sparkling in the sun
Fat tires white walls
black rubber tread

Damned fine day, to go traveling
I'm not the only one
who's got balls
in his head


on market streets in Lagos, barefeet boys call
"Shoe-shine 3 naira"
as men in shoes walk by
boys wearing shorts and shirts
colored rags blown by the breeze
trying to tease the heat away

bata-tan boys move mountains
or pretend to be them
to get cash to buy a kit
hoping to make enough on the street
so they won't have to eat in some trash heap
they were their smiles loudly, if not proudly

My Friend's Pain

“Iʼll be alright” she spoke to me
Was that to mean
As time goes by?
After the event?
After all events?
After all the event had went.
But “Whens” are dead
As Time has stopped its clock
And no second hand will measureʼ whysʼ
So long I listen
So dumb and dumber I become,
And syncopated intermittent
Sear my novice heart
We walk In post apocalyptic grief,
We trudge the thicker darker path
Towards the stronger straighter run unto the finish line?

Twelve Dollars, Eighty Six Cents

American dream incarnate
Supermarket check out line
One box cake mix, chocolate fudge
One plastic tub of frosting, chocolate
One package of Oreo cookies, original
Twelve dollars and eighty six cents
Roughly half an hour’s pay
Such a nominal fee to exchange
For the sweet taste of freedom
With prophetic undertones of destitution


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