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Editing - polished draft

Bike Ride

Riding our bikes along the levy trail,
the willow tree’s branches
hang low over the path
in the early afternoon haze.

I reach up like a thief
to grab a handful of leaves,
mischievously tossing them up in the air.

As they scatter and float in the wind
behind me, riding through them,
she reaches out to capture a few.

Later, the rescued leaves
are added to her collection
placed inside a book
with a worn and dog-eared cover.

Legacy accompanied with inadequacy DESPAIR RING

uninvited GUESTS linkedin as the themes of mein kampf.

Despite countless factorial permutations
& combinations, this cyber surfer
avails left and right alm
seeking succor Out Of Human Bondage
invisibles shackles bind head,
shoulders, knees and toes
mom mee whiz sic cured courtesy grim reaper,
boot metastatic cervical/ovarian
carcinoma snatched such balm
when tethered in utero umbilical connection,
etched bromide, which hankering calm
embryonic sensation this corporeal being lacks

Dragon Scent...

Dreams of dragons in the cliffs
caves of stone to cool their hearts
Burnished scales of copper hue
reflect light of morning's start

The smell of leather trappings
raw and bloody breakfast meat
Cries of wake up my lords and ladies
feel their warm and generous heat

Smell the musty scent of oils
feel the saddle leather
Listen for the "Riders up"
whatever is the weather


They come from every walk of life
From every town across this land,
They pledge to serve with honor
As they raise their earnest hand.

You probably seldom see them
Until you need then come your way,
Yet they are always at the ready
Be it darkened night or sunlit day.

They guide and teach in many schools
Showing our youth which way to go,
Or responding in our neighborhoods
When tense emotions overflow.

Sixteen Seasons

Sixteen seasons came and left
Still I remained stagnant with grief
Story was stolen, amnesia found me
I played the victim of this ghostly thief

The leaves fell, the grass it grew
Imposed by ice and snow
Summer sang the sweetest songs
But never did I know

The warmth had left and so the light
No longer touched my heart
And all my dreams lay dashed about
Broken, scattered, and smashed apart


The Date on my calender is crossed off
and my GLOCK and two 9MMS are ready to be cocked back
and it's time to get going after I've danced to this last track
I put the sawn off shotgun in my back pack. And make tracks
I have cut my wrists and as it drips ill smudge it on my lips
my makeups done and I'm ready to have some fun.

Bay City Romance - A Tribute to Raymond Chandler

Bay City. It's a nice little town, a prosperous little town;
Sea breezes off the ocean just about mask the stink of corruption.
Some say the sewage system is overloaded with half digested hot dogs;
Jesus, it's California and money talks. I needed a drink bad.
I walked into a bar just off Arguello Boulevard. Maybe 'bout five p.m.
I told the bartender to give me a shot of his best rye and leave the bottle.
He laughed in my face as he poured it but I'm a hopeful kind of guy.

Prune juice as effective emetic

Brainstorming yields casting
the following plumbline
netting genetic, italic, kinetic,
magnetic, opportunistic, quixotic,
synchronistic, and universalistic result.

Happy: An Acrostic (Challenge)

Happy: An Acrostic

Holiday elements of joy and peace,
Always inherent in the changing seasons.
Preparations planned with love,
Peaceful aura 'round the table.
Years bounty encompassing all!

Cleaning Up After You

I sometimes feel your absence as if it were dust,
easily disturbed by currents of sorrow,
only to settle on the remnants you left behind.

With some effort, I sweep the delicate memories
into a bin that is never full, so you won't worry that I'm okay.


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