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Timid Fascination (Wounded Heart)

I a skillful hunter
seek the shy reclusive doe.

Lying in wait that I may pierce her suddenly

with an arrow from Cupid's bow. 

Beneath the sheltering trees occasionally, I behold her reposing.
Gazing at her reflection in the watery sky.

Then I wonder
if it's for love of me that she's pining.

As her teardrops dapple the grateful roses which sigh.

The songbirds perch above with restless wings
living to serve only her.

As they bring, rich and luscious fruits in abundance.
Causing the taste buds of her heart to stir. 

Then I see my chance, and as I aim and shoot
she leaps clear of my shaft with graceful ease.

Turning back she gives me a carefree inviting glance. 
Then disappears into the shadows beyond the trees. 

Her movements are so fluid Like water in motion.
Each step she takes is sweet music divine.

Causing the soul of all creation to rejoice in my love's presence.

With visions of her beauty
that transcend the sublime.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Direction): 
How was my language use?
Last few words: 
This is just a little welcome poem to all my fellow poets. My way of saying, "Hello! I hope you all are doing well." So, I'm not really looking for any editing suggestions. Just consider this my hand-shake to all you members. And a friendly way of saying, I cannot wait to start making beautiful music together. I am primarily a romantic poet, so you'll probably see quite a few poems like this from me. Other kinds as well, of course. But my style with the pen is to try and make women swoon. So when I wrote most of these, I was writing with that purpose in mind. Thanks a lot. See you all on the boards. Peace.
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Not Explicit Content


beautiful poem in which one must read between the lines for the sweet secrets entwined. if read properly, they rise to the surface to reveal consummate love. pure and perfect. good title, excellent flow and presentation. most enjoyable!

*hugs, Cat

When someone reads your work
And responds, please be courteous
And reply in kind, thanks.

Thanks very much, Cat. I really appreciate your lovely comments. And I'm so pleased you enjoyed it.

Yes, sometimes you must read between the lines of my work to see and understand all that is there. There you may find pleasant messages that reveal another level of meaning. Other times, the messages are not pleasant. Sometimes the messages are tragic or frightening.

I have a weird tendency to shock people sometimes. I do not know or understand why I do this, but it's because there's something in my nature that just makes me do

But it's nothing too bad most of the

Thanks again.

Take care.

author comment

sometimes you have to shock them to get them out of complacency, lol, it is good for those all told!

*hugs, Cat
*ever, eddy

When someone reads your work
And responds, please be courteous
And reply in kind, thanks.

Yes, you are so very right my friend. We all need someone there to keep us feeling and acting vital, real, respectful and to help us stay on our

Maybe that's why I'm here.

Who knows?


Peace my friend.

author comment

Thanks very much, Kat. I truly appreciate your sweet comments. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

And as much as I'd like to say my words make women swoon, they don' Oh there's been one or two close female friends of mine who were really caught up in the whole romantic-dream aura of my writings. But that's it.

Most of the girls I've written a poem for, to honor their beauty, have just more or less laughed off my writings. For that reason, I stopped doing that stuff.

It's all good tho. You know, live and learn and all that. Heh. Every rejection I've gotten has been a learning experience for me. So yes, something good did come from all that

Thanks again.

Take care.

author comment

Women out there who enjoy a romantic and romantic writing. My opinion is it is an honor to have someone write somethingz anything positive about you. The romance part is a bonus and certainly catches attention. Please don't give up writing those type of things.


I really appreciate both of you trying to do what you can to encourage me. But, I have long since realized and decided that my life is this way because I am a writer. And so I guess the bad experiences are what helps inspire me to write great

So I've more or less gotten used to it. But I don't like it, not by any means. But I deal with it for the sake of my art.

But thank you again Rose and Kat. I really appreciate your kindness.

Bless you.

author comment

That’s beautiful soliloquy. I couldn’t correct anything if you wanted me to.

I’m ready for more. Tomorrow then?

Wow. I really do appreciate your lovely words, my friend. It's just years and years of emotion on a single page I guess you could say. Which is what a lot of my work is, and most others' poetry too I guess...hehe.

But yeah, I really loved yer comments.

And tomorrow sounds good my friend.

Look forward to it. (smiles)

Take care.

author comment

I would not change a thing. This is intimate, passionate and shows the vulnerability during these moments..fantastic job.


Thanks so much for that, Rose. I really enjoyed hearing yer wonderful words. Most of my poetry tells stories.

And I think it's because I've always been a huge fan of books myself since I was young. I'm talking hours and hours spent in my room just reading and reading. Yeah, I had no life...haha!

But thank you again. Great hearing from you, Rose.

Take care.

author comment

Books and music...not much has changed and I'm in my early forties now. My whole existence has been surrounded in some form of art.


Yes, absolutely. Me as well. Which of course is fortunate for us to some degree because it instills those essentials in us we need to go on and make our own art.

author comment

This is a work of art. Well done, and welcome to Neopoet! I am excited to read more of your work!

Thank you so much, Kristen, for your very fine words of welcome, and the lovely comment as well. Much appreciated.

Take care.

author comment
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