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Above All Else

Above All Else
Written by Kelly Ann Wilson

How I wish I’d never been taught
That being a selfless carer
Is what made you holy
All it did was make me
The perfect candidate
To love violent men and addicts

We must never again tell a woman
That they can’t keep anything for themselves
Knowing full well
They will give everything they have
Until there is nothing left

I hope to see the day
Where instead what we say is
You come first
Above all else
Your hopes and dreams matter
We are rooting for you
You will achieve greatness

The child I was deserved better
Than to learn how to keep the house
And serve the supper
So I didn’t hate myself
For not having dinner
On the table every night
For my abuser

Written March 25, 2024
© 2024 Kelly Ann Wilson

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you tell the story of abuser and abused well. I have no criticism of the way you have told the story, but I think you could use a few commas, and a couple of word changes to make it flow better.

Where instead, what we say is

That they can't keep things for themselves

The child I was, deserved better.

Rather than learning to keep house

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