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Sham(e) full travesty regarding fourth of July celebration

American independence day
linkedin severance from English crown
Continental Congress representatives
parlayed courtesy thirteen original colonies
yielding Declaration of Independence
immediately rendered null and void
established vassalage courtesy British rule.

Fast forward two hundred and forty six years
Indigenous nations, people of color,
and so called illegal immigrants still yoked
to the whims of White Anglo Saxon Protestant,
(albeit patriarchal paradigm)
imposing invisible shackles to deny
purportedly inalienable rights
of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Before figurative birth of this nation
vested gentry men (namely wealthy landowners)
unwittingly decreed unknown mockery,
when countless generations after Founding Fathers
expedited dissolution with English monarchy
as inherited freedom(s) affect descendents
of former slaves and their harsh task masters.

Enlightenment experienced within
western civilization in general
and United States in particular
witnessed manifestation
of supposed inherent equality,
whereby oppressed peoples
forced into human bondage
at emotional, physical and spiritual cost
being yanked from African brethren.

Emancipation Proclamation helped spur
realization of vast souls cruelly abused
and held chained by Jim Crow laws
to claim ownership of sacred promises
vouchsafed within the document
crafted by Thomas Jefferson.

No occasion prevailed to celebrate
abilities afforded sons and daughters
of those whose privileges denied
despite codified words
etched for all eternity of those born
within contiguous United States
plus Alaska natives,
whose former self sufficient lifestyle
before encroachment of exploiters
subsequently severely crimped and crippled
which group of people
once collectively known
and referred to as "Eskimo"
rent asunder their webbed wide world.

Even at present time when yours truly
valiantly tries to encapsulate
disheartening abuses exacted
upon the heads of those
soberly awakened to being
subordinated, manhandled, conscripted...
into lowest rung on hierarchical
free enterprise paradigm

simply because self decreed
so called white privilege
(sofa as I know couched
as critical race theory -
yet mere writing such loosely
suggestive notion could find
hounds of hell unleashed
upon me scrawny tushy).

Contrary ranting, scathing,
tearing at the very meat of the matter
viz that U.S. social institutions
(e.g., the criminal justice system,
education system, labor market,
housing market, and healthcare system)
are laced with racism
embedded in laws, regulations,
rules, and procedures

that lead to differential outcomes by race
sorely contested by
diametrically opposed polemics
to aforementioned taboo idea
undermining healthy discussion
and allow, enable, and provide
a more thorough manumission
to be realized, cuz
not everybody experiences equality.

Since the supposed Age of “Discovery”
one administration of exploitation – after another
visited annihilation, arrogation, colonialization,
evangelization, glorification, institutionalization
toward autochthonous peoples
sparsely peppering North America,
the third-largest continent,
extends from the tiny Aleutian Islands
in the northwest
to the Isthmus of Panama
in the south.

The continent includes
the enormous island of Greenland
in the northeast and the small island countries
and territories that dot the Caribbean Sea
and western North Atlantic.

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your piece, I was already invested in the message;
when I came upon the eight through fifteenth lines,
explaining the crux of the missive fired off to the American Public on this day of Independence!
I'm guessing that the matter of building a nation of independence, free from harrassment and joined together
in an experiment of government, is still grinding on; with the same old tired parameters
of White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant beliefs, made for you and me. How tired we are of the belief that Christianity is the
only belief worth believing! Granted, if its tenets were adhered to, this world [country], would be so much better off.
Good job of holding our country and government up for closer scrutiny. ~ Geez.

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