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Written by Kelly Ann Wilson

One impression that I was left with
From my years spent in this world
Was all of the ways
It desperately needed me to be

Feel less
Feel pain less
Fear less
Grieve less
Show us your suffering less

Be quieter
More cautious
More careful

Don’t aim so high
Don’t set your hopes so high
Don’t reach for such big things
Don’t sing with all of your might

And above all else
Stand in line
And don’t dare to step out

Now that I am older
And my health is failing
And my body is letting me down
One message is constant in my mind

I do not have time to be less anymore

I must be my full self
While I still can.

Written March 12, 2024
© 2024 Kelly Ann Wilson

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Hello, Kelly!
Yes! This is exactly how my life has gone, too! Now I need less from whatever it is "out there" and want more of what is within me. "I do not have time to be less anymore." Clever wording, great line. So very true!
I really enjoyed this and could relate so well.

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