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January 2023 Challenge: my Freestyle.

Like a phoenix
whirling on the face
of the sun,
I burn and flicker
in varied waves.

With a final ignition
the respiriting begins,
I well out sparks
and in the embers
a wondrous explosion,
love, takes my breath
and me away
I walk on pieces
of jiggered heart
they no longer matter not,
trickling through fingers
having long forgone hope,
shudders of a half life
shadow puppet walls

as the whisper of the flame
illuminated my dark fisted soul
it released envy and regret
and overflowed my eyes

I see my footprints
Scorched with solar flares
in foggy chasms of sorrow
I was thought lost but rarely

Ever was

Let the clocks tick tock
share the mystery
of riddles on heavenly bodies
where man made myths

become the warrior
that has sheltered,
behind a shade of fear
be the stars ripping
across the firmament

forgive my brother
as he has known not,
what sorrows quietude sung
be not afraid as the light
fades from my weary eyes
my body finds coveted rest

I have known a little of Love
and that, that was enough

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
I am again - as Jess would've said to me.
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Not Explicit Content
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