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bravery who am I to saying that I know what bravery is
Even though I'm stronger than more people then I know
bravery to me it's a stand up and accept what it is to be free
even though I tend to find myself looking below
mainly because I'm still learning how to grow
no more of a s*** show but look out cuz I'm ready to blow
I never really understood what it meant to have full bravery until I learned about the famous James Avery
having full bravery or even a knowledge of what bravery is I guess I must because I stood tall in the trees, and began to roar like a Lion without any fear in my bones
Even on most of my days I've been the one who collected the stones that were thrown out into the unknown.
Bravery is getting through the day knowing you are a product of slavery
With a constant burden of you may pass on the same very thing
through the rips and shreds I still can be resewn.
even though she was in the treetops being a roaring lion you still never catch her lying
you might be able to catch me lying down
but that doesn't mean I've ever stopped trying
bravery can be known or unknown but it's all dependent on if you're the one who is not fully grown but done living in the unknown and not feeling ever so alone

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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What did you think of my title?
How was my language use?
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The words and feel were definitely here but as it may be line breaks lost in translation. In some places a little hard to read. I found myself having to reread in bits and fragments. Instead of saying perhaps use say. In this line bravery who am I to saying that I know what bravery is
Now the content was spot on and your roar was definitely there and ever strong.

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author comment
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