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To "Friend" - December Poem

Hello ‘friend’
Remember when I trusted you.
You called my friends- saying I’d lost it.
I don’t know if we’re still ‘friends’
I hope- I already wish you had stayed
Even though you never left.
To you, my ‘friend’.
The girl I love- no, loved.
You were the first, but not the last.
And though the sky may hail today,
Storms are not the world, just a part.
So go on-
With your beautiful blonde hair,
Go on, my sunshine.
Go on forever the lovable.
And I- I’ll forever be that person.
I wish we lived in my dreams.
Then we’d be everything I hoped.
I’d twine pieces of your hair in my fingers,
Trace the contours of your angelic porcelain face,
Breath in the effects of your hazel green orbs.
But we do not live in a winter wonderland.
Some days I want to tell you to find your heart-
Then eat it, but alas-
This gift of a poem is for you, ‘friend’
I hope it finds you well-
And tells you that I’d love to still be ‘friends.’
One day we’ll sit in the same room.
Side by side. We’ll break up again.
Even though we were never together.
In another life, I wish we were just

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our fantasies are so much better than the reality, but that shouldn't stop one from dreaming. We need dreams to give us hope and hope to give us a beautiful place to retreat to when we suffer the slings and arrows of our outrageous fortunes. I enjoyed the write, even [though], [a word that suffered a misspell in your write], your story had a bit of somberness about it. ~ Geezer.

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