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Custody Battle

They labeled me strong.
Silence fell off the bed laughing.
Self-doubt said they are wrong

Confidence is on life support
Hope is fighting for custody
In family court

These thoughts play Russian roulette
Yeah, logic screams loudly
They haven’t killed you yet

Suddenly, my mentality
Considers altering.
This crooked reality.

Anxiety seems in a bind.
Almost like a word
That can’t be defined.

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from the view-point of one who was the object of the battle... my mother disliked me intensely and would do just about anything to hurt my Dad. the only reason she wanted me for was to keep the monthly payments coming in and to humiliate him by making it a legal hassle.

this poem is so real life material it hurts! I really Love/Hate this poem! it is beautifully constructed and gives us a glimpse of your humanity!

Keep On Truckin'
*hugs, cat

When someone reads your work
And responds, please be courteous
And reply in kind, thanks.

things I have read. My biological mother hated me from conception and hid me from my father so she could have someone else sign me off and be done with me. I was the last of her five children and she made sure that I knew my brother (we share a dad) was her favorite, even though she lost him not too. He is a monster just like her. In some ways I feel that I began my life as a secret, as the object of someone's battle and it never really changed. It was masked for a while because I had a wonderful childhood/upbringing once I was adopted as an infant but as I got older, the reality of who I actually was and where I came from was harder to hide. I am really enjoying your writing! Good job!


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