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Alewife (Haiku)

The stream, full of words
Stanzas, swimming poetry
Like schools of alewife

Style / type: 
Structured: Eastern
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How does this theme appeal to you?
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Not Explicit Content


Hi, Tim,
You can't see, but I am giving you a standing ovation. This is fantastic.

…but I’m bashful. You’re compliments mean a great deal to me. Thank you.


author comment

Lots of em.
Awesome Tim,

alewife of the stream
poets schooled swim in stanzas
stream fills up with words

appreciation for a great Haiku! ~ Geez.

Writing purely for oneself, is the ultimate in defensive posture.

I can see a high level of creativity here. I doff my cap for you. Erudite ink!

"Poetry is invariably imbued with a sense of calm and serenity".


unless you are going to define Haiku somewhere (wouldn't know why)
Why not take it out of the title?

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