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Aftermath of war: onerous task...

to salvage flotsam and jetsam
of human wreckage
amidst a sea where triage
witnessed courtesy scattered corpses
populating the Gaza strip
more'n pound of cold flesh
forced sacrifice appeasing
vengeance usurped quarterage
tendered for countless generations
predominantly innocent victims
hostages held at staggering price
non-negotiable exorbitant nonwage
blinding, deafening, frightening kilowattage
courtesy blitzkrieg annihilating,
obliterating, pulverizing... heritage
sporting military equipage
analogous to Humpty Dumpty
where all the king's men
and all the the king's horses
severing peace pact irretrievable brokerage.

Present violent conflict resolution
as brutal modus operandi
spells woebegone webbed wide world ache
a lamentable recourse to break
vicious cycle on par
with death and destruction
analogous to an earthquake
indiscriminate enfiladed innocent
mortally wounded victims
the zealous militants did forsake
leaving him/her to gasp
as he/she did intake

their last dying breath
while just desserts served
when recalcitrant misfits of the state
staged a successful jailbreak
joining spunky and the gang
to wreak collateral damage
upon heads of oppressors,
who sought courtesy
Benjamin Netanyahu how to make
inveterate Pro Israel/anti Palestinian
whereby his once sterling
now tarnished namesake

linkedin to butchery, demagoguery,
fiery rhetoric meant to cause
Allah, Arabic Allāh (“God”) quake:
The name's origin can be traced
to the earliest Semitic writings
in which the word for god
was il, el, or eloah, the latter
two used in the Hebrew Bible
(Old Testament) cutthroat
religionists unafraid to bare fangs
and releasing deadly venom,
when transformed into a rattlesnake.

Poison infiltrates the body electric
think scorpion puncturing stinging
sundering wounding Leviathan
in present context antagonizing Israeli
bashing defense forces hazarding
triggering constellation of neighboring states
to arouse home grown insurgents
housing hotbed of militant activism
ready to explode across the webbed wide world.

Oh brother Grimm tales not so far away
pitting flesh and blood kindred folks
melded from earthen clay
no holds barred loosing terror to reign
forcing me to question
posed liked Rodin's The Thinker
dumbfounding mine sixty shades of gray,
where self extinction of Homo sapiens
sharply heading oneway.

I wince with distress and tragedy wrought
how peaceful conflict resolution
infrequently said methodology sought
one subsequent generation after
harbors hatred decreasing opportunities
for babies (violently decapitated)
to experience life, liberty
and pursuit of happiness naught
to whit ruthlessness running rampant
murdering rampage haught
cannibalistic cuisine till survivors total aught.

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