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This week the Neopoem is Symphony in the Stars by Seren. Congratulations to Seren on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

Thank you to the Neopoem Group for selecting the weekly winner.

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This week the Neopoem is Recurrence by Kristen H . Congratulations to Kristen H on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

Thank you to the Neopoem Group for selecting the weekly winner.

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Close Your Eyes My Dear

Close your eyes
my dear
and drift off into

For one day when
you wake
you will see all this
has been a dream.

Hold on to your
teddy tight
and dream of lands
so far away

become a prince or a
princess and rule
the world some day.

China Doll

In an unlighted room
Isolated upon the highest shelf
Cracked features illuminating
Against a starless sky

Porcelain tears glazed her cheeks
Frozen in time, for him alone
Occasionally, he'd take her down
Placing soft whispers on her neck

Love bombs exploded
Against delicate ears
Her hollowed body
Left longing for his touch

Time lingered on
And still she sat, collecting dust
Hanging on the promise
That he would come again


Now winter winds
Send me back inside
Restful reflection begins
Though the house
May keep me warm
A blizzard stirs within

Blinding whiteout
Buried in drifts
Bereft of proper gear
I trudge along
My psyche strong
At least another year

Snows will melt
But I remain
Encased in icy shell
Until the spring rains
Of my soul
Arrive to fill the well

The way of water

mirrored mountains gleam
the lake, in a reflection
water moves away


Stroking the borders of society
Remembering how he told me nowadays beauty is deformed
Surely then
It cannot exist in this world?

Looked in my vague direction
Pronounced that no one would like me enough
To overlook
The fact my legs don't feel like ebony

Preached hygiene in my face
When I am perfectly sanitary, I chose
To stand
When he told me to sit down

Observing the watch on my left hand
I counted the years it will take to pay off his debt
His lie
That I will not be seen as beautiful

Those Days of Winged Wonder

The rose and the lily, the blue bell and daisy.
The days bathed in sunlight all hallowed and hazy.
I loved them that summer when girl she came calling,
laid by me in long grass, in love with me falling.

The damp, diamond dew drops: her tears that I’ll treasure.
Her light-hearted laughter, her smile of pure pleasure.
The bright balm-filled breezes, the nectar from kisses:
My mouth, on this morning, so madly it misses!


The vestiges of your exploitation
have left all of us fragmented
now the center cannot hold

©® Onyinyechi Cosmos Etu

Ring on My Hand

Three-fifteen A.M. on the clock
Rain tickles down the windowpane
I should be sound asleep right now
But I guess you could say I'm going insane

It isn't because you're my true love
A realization just hit me in the face
Baby, I've never been truly in love with you
I suppose it just felt like that was the case

You were the only guy in my lonely life
For over six and a half endless years
I remember all the times we fought and yelled
Or all the times your smile held back tears

Time to die

the clouds form and disappear
the sun rises but definitely sets
as the night darkens the moon glitters
yet the dawn awakens with it's light
and rainbow never stop the rainy season
for nature has it's own laws

the rain wets the land
and dryness harshen it by season
lives and greenery fill the earth
as trees and flowers and grasses
bud but loses their prime at autumn
all has time and period that's aside


My mouth

Waters when

Broiling steak smoke

Drifts through

My Head


When you

Harvest weed

Does the same happen?

Dried out



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