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This week the Neopoem Of The Week is Sometimes, I Cry, and That's Okay is by Kristen H . Congratulations to Kristen H on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

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This week the Neopoem a coward's request is by Celso G. Tertins . Congratulations to Celso G. Tertins on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

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Neopoet Around The Globe Anthology

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This week the Neopoem is Ceiling Crickets by Flower Girl. Congratulations to Flower Girl on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

To the crickets on my ceiling, who sing when I’m asleep
I want to thank you for your song that you compose for me
Each night, I lie and hum along to your sweet symphony
And ponder through the things I’d do if I could live life free

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February 2023 New Member Contest Winner

Poets Hand is the winner of the New Member Contest for February 2023 with the poem, "Bare Hands" Congratulations to Poets Hand on winning his first contest as a neopoet member.
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Tomorrow Is Another Day Contest Results!

Kristen H has won the February 2023 contest with the poem, Tomorrow is Another Day. Congratulations to Kristen on winning this month's contest. To read this poem and leave a comment please visit:

Today was a bad day...

I tripped on my shoelace,
And knocked over a glass.
I scratched my finger,
And my belt loop got caught on a doorknob.

I forgot my wallet at home
When I went out to buy groceries
AND, I ran into someone from high school
And they recognized me.


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