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The White Man

Even after all the
That shit with
Monica Lewinski.

Homophobia and
No abortion.
Congress and
Political extortion.

Too much racism,
And white-supremacy.
All the bullshit lies
And no transparency.

Women's rights are
Being abused.
Why are you smiling?
You look amused.

We can't forget about
The slave's
Here in the land of the free,
home of the brave.

The slaughter of all
Pumped-up white men,
Commit these murders.

The destruction of
Several societies.
Most Americans border
With social anxieties.

Too much racial profiling;
Violence overlooked.
If you are white and have money,
You're off the hook.

The churches, boy scouts,
So many pedophile cases.
All this is done by,
White men in high places.

Were at the hands of a white
Washed unproven mythology.
In the name of God, religion
And Scientology.

An infrastructure solely built
To keep rich pale males in power.
As you sit perched on your
Throne in your ivory tower.

The end is near, you can
Hear the drumming.
Many are prepared,
For you, we are coming.

Your exposed, your
Empire will crumble.
A word to the wise,
Learn to be humble

Turbo1904 ♥

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Not Explicit Content


hiya, Turbo.
I'm quite white and English,
so, I don't really know the struggles of the black folk in the USA.
I hope that it gets better for you but somehow doubt that it will.

A powerful piece, Well written.


Just spelling and punctuation that I noticed that could be corrected.

We’re at the hands of a white
Washed unproven mythology.
Basically that’s it one missed apostrophe.

Badass poem. Highlights the many social issues that need immediate attention. Well done.


and for the great, unwashed masses who carry the load of B.S. for those in power, it will always be the dream, held just out of reach; infuriating and stirring the pot. Great stuff, about not so great stuff! ~ Geezer.

I’m proud to write that I do not participate with the nastiness written about in you poem.

Agreed with Geezer so well said above….

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you, everyone. I'm white, I'm not saying all white men or all republicans. In my opinion, most of the seedy crap going on is done by white affluent men. Again, my opinion on the hot topic in the USA.

Thank you all,

author comment

right! and duly noted!

*warm smiles, Cat

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