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Summertime Blues July 2022 Contest!

Feeling down in this hot month or simply mellow, a zero time month or is there no time for the blues to catch you.? Tell the world what Summertime Blues means to you.

Write what Summertime Blues means to you in six stanzas of four lines each stanza.

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Stay cool and we will select the July Neopoet poetry contest at the end of the month.
Note: All monthly winners will be selected for the yearly vote to choose the poem of the year in January 2023.


sad time betrayed me
the storm that day
denied my
delayed my flight
then they said
Just imagine my plight
you might

no chance now in this life
the clouds have come again
in Niagara may not still rain
I know
as I am standing outside the met office
their MODELS
aren't now matching

today mostly lovely nudes
leave their bikinis loose
lest it rains

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