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October 2021 Neopoet Poetry Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Owl Has My Soul
For winning the October 2021 Neopoet Poetry Contest.
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The Witch's Teapot

Spider legs sprout and canter forth
With glorious joy and dark purpose.
Pottery tips and clackety-clicks;
A dance on the dusty wood surface.

Then a pause and a shout,
In celebration no doubt,
"Oh happy, happy day!"

Such relief it expects,
"We are going to have guests!"
Tonight, a most wicked soiree.

It's been far too long
Since our Mistress did feed.
Months! No a year, yes indeed!

Past earthenware pots,
"Such a drink I'll concoct!"
To put the fair children to sleep.

A knock on the door,
"Fill our bags, we want more!"
Unaware they're the tasty meat treat.

Outside not a sound.
They'll never be found.
What a perfectly grand Hallowe'en.

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