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Happy New Year, health and harmony in 2016 to all.

Is there any way to access the old Nepoet site that crashed?



As far as I know the old site is not accessible. You might ask Paul

Would you forward him this question?


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p.s. it should be, after all this is the internet, and everything is in the netherworld if not at our fingertip.

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I am lucky enough to hold no official position at this time so it is likely that you can reach one of the bosses as easily as I can. Just go to the "help" tag and follow the arrows. Hope all is well with you and yours. The last I heard the hard drive (whatever That is) was pretty much wiped in the crash........stan

It is your responsibility to back up your own work..
We have been over this many times before.

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'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

like my computers and laptop full of my of others
never to be enjoyed or cared for again...
like a city firebombed by the avenging angels
no hero arises...

smoted the happens...

alexs library...

the philosophers stone....

i didnt cry....i promise
when the truth came in...

luckily like a new newt with a new tail...
it emerged again

mr wolf....

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