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The Zebra

A zebra, living in the zoo,
Was quite depressed and feeling blue;
His keeper thought 'twould do no harm
To take him to the local farm.

In the first field he found some sheep,
"I say, " said Zebra, " do you keep
This field in order? Tell me, pray
What is it that you do all day?"

"Well," said a sheep, "we eat some grasses
And watch the sheepdog as he passes
The farmer makes stuff from our wool-
Now don't you think that's rather cool?"
"We're quite lucky," said a ram
That the farmer's wife won't eat lamb."

The Zebra felt a little tired
And rather sad that he'd inquired
He carried on, and by and by
He found some piggies in a sty.

"Hello there folks! Now tell me pray
What is it that you do all day?"
"Well, " said a sow, "we roll around
And eat up turnips from the ground,
We oink and oink and often squeal
When we want an extra meal.""

The Zebra felt this was a bore
But too polite just to ignore
He thanked the fat old sow, and then
He came up to the big bull's pen.

"Hello you Bull! I say, I say,
What is it that you do all day!"
"Well," said the bull with a shout,
"Take off your pyjamas and you'll find out."

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Buggered by the Bull,,, not the happy ending I was expecting, nor I assume, was the Zebra!

A wonderful whimsical romp that I enjoyed.

Lamington's Ark.

I'd like two cows
maybe a bull-
couple of alpacas
fer the wool.
a turtle,
a frog,
few pigs and a hog,

oh, - a tortoise
and a porpoise
who's eggs

- which I'd flog.


The zebra's sex is unspecified. It may be non-binary.

author comment

the bull is gender-fluid! Don't give a damn! ~ Geez.

the bull may be a bumbull

author comment
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