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When a Child Gave me Advice

I’ve seen many things, in this life of mine
But everything changed, when a child of nine
Approached and spoke, his words stuck in my mind:
Excuse me sir, my name is Ben
And in just one month, I will be ten!
I like to play games, and give people advice
Take a chance on me – roll the dice
Pretend I’m a genie, pretend you can’t see me
Then tell me what, from life, you want
And I’ll do what I can, to make it appear
By advising you wisely, and I’ll then disappear!
Well young man, I’ll give it a shot
Ill roll your dice, and see what you’ve got
Lemme think for a min, cos I don’t have much
There’s a lot to pick from, but number one:
I’d like to be happy and I bet you would too
I live on the streets, the concrete’s my view.
This is only a game, with only one rule
You need to tell me, how I can help you!
Okay then Ben, I wish to live by the sea
Refreshing breeze, with sand and nice trees.
Your wish has been granted; this is what you should do:
You should be optimistic and your dreams will come true
I did what he said, and I now have a bed
Right next to the sea, and I’m very well-fed.

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This is such a sweet poem, and what a little gem Ben is! Well done xx

Great meter, rhyme, very coherent. Really great job with this one.


Thank you to both of you

author comment

A wonderful little story. Ben sounds like a special little boy. Excellent flow and rhyme. Well done!


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