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Verbally Constipated

Verbally constipated.
You want my story.
Sorry, it’s too complicated.

You would get lost in my mind.
On its roads the good guy
Is left constantly behind

You ask what I think of me?
Best to not concern yourself
With an imprisoned fool
That has been set free.

Why are you chasing words?
To prove my strength
Heck if batman offered me his cape.
That wouldn’t be enough

You ask what about all I achieved.
Still being processed
By a mind that’s been deceived

Surprised, you ask why I don’t bow out.
Cause I will never be the
Pawn of that coward self-doubt

Let him think my head is spinning!
Mission accomplished.
If he thinks he’s winning

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this piece is a wise-cracking
head full of ideas about self-worth and doubt.
Nice seeing a person not too full of themselves, and capable of
emptying it out on the page. ~ Geezer.

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one too many actually constipated
'tis anticipated
not verbally
many have verbal diarrhea mainly
glad you have this here posted

Hi, Paul,
A familiar conversation we've all probably had with ourselves. Your final stanza is clever, and could stand alone with its meaning.
Thank you,

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Any reason sorry... if I have been disruptive ....I shall delete it...

Sorry and thx for stopping by

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