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A Sonny Disposition

A Sonny Disposition

Awoken by the Sun, no alarm clock needed
And no need for Westminster chimes
Sonny gets up and like clockwork’s reminded
That curtains waste valuable time

Sonny’s disposition is as sunny as his name
No melancholy viewpoints, no cause to complain
With rose-tinted glasses, of life he’s not tired
Forever optimistic - the way his brain’s wired

It’s not that he’s lucky, in fact he’s quite poor
He lives alone, has no phone and he sleeps on the floor
But still Sonny’s demeanour is the height of exaltation
Where others see misfortune, he sees no tribulation

From twelve until nine he goes outside, onto London’s streets
He sees some sights and stops to talk, with everyone he meets
Inspired by their stories, he then composes songs
And busks all day, to a crowd, until the sun has gone

A lady he met looked down in the dumps
Her Mercedes needed a wash
Her eyes tearing up, she’ll be late for lunch
Life must be hard for someone so posh

Just imagine how sad, this girl would be
If she lost her job and her pockets weren’t deep
So I guess it’s official, this girl’s superficial
Sonny moves on when she ceases to weep

With his back to the wall of Camden station
Cup in hand and fed up with life
This man just got married, he was full of elation
Then lost all of his money and wife

It pays to listen, in more ways than one
Music to a busker’s ears
He begins to sing, the crowds all gather
And he gratefully accepts their cheers

Just one more stop and his work will be done
But even in work he has fun
Sounds too good to be true? Don’t decide in such haste
And just look what this man has become

On his way home he stops to unburden
Himself of half of the notes
The man at the station was cold and debt-laden
So he buys him a brand-new coat

It is only fair, after all he inspired
Sonny to sing to the crowd
So for that reason, the man on the floor
And Sonny should both be proud

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
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Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


Pretty tight for it’s length. The rhythm is good and the subject is thought provoking. I like it.

Nice job, let’s read some more,

Thanks. Brand new to to this site. I get the impression most are Americans on here. which is good in a way cos i rarely sleep so the time difference helps cos can read others poems and talk. I just visited you youtube link. I play piano and am interested in writing songs. I'm always after ideas for writing, so if you have any for music, let me write one for you? I'm sure you are better, but still, nothing to lose

author comment

We have members all over the globe. Quite a few from the UK, Africa, and Australia. I’m quite proud of the connections I’ve made with folks from all those places. Nobody posts from any scientific outposts in Antarctica that I’m aware of. But we have aspirations.

Welcome to the site,

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