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Somethimg Green

Mary had a lady parrot
Its name was Josephine.
It had two short scaly legs
And its beak was green.

She also had a naughty dog
By breed a Labrador
He was a very randy hound
And his name was Ruddigore.

One day when Mary was at work
Jo escaped her gilded cage
Flying squawking round the room
Putting Rudy in a rage.

Rudy finally caught the bird
And bit poor Josephine
So the parrot pecked him on the nose;
What came next was obscene.

Holding polly by the scruff,
With intention to garrotte
A new urge came o'er the mutt, and
Rudy humped the parrot.

Nature oft won't tolerate
Such miscegenation
So how Pol conceived and bore an egg
Is beyond contemplation.

Nowhere else except at Mary's house
Is such a creature found:
A cuttlefish chewing, cat-chasing
Dark green flying hound.

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Structured: Western
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Not Explicit Content


HA HA,,,, Marry me, We'll run off n daft together!

Brilliant dear, Sir. I doff my cap.


A dowery of.

A tummy rub,
A foot tickle,
A cake twice cooked for tea.
with lunch the finest whiskey
and at bedtime,,,,,,,,,,, RUMPUMPEEEEEE...


sample of humor in poetry

Great stuff! Just wish that you hadn't stopped! I chuckled hard enough to make me forget the pain of my injured foot!
~ Geezer.

Challenges Titles have to be written like this:
Example: My Mother or whatever title, then you go to the dropdown and enter it into the Challenges # ?
Otherwise, you will not be eligible for a certificate!

Humorous words give rise to humorous stories. Think of words, phrases, pop-culture reference; rhymes and sounds that make you laugh. Don't be afraid to use repetition for comic effect. Make your poem form or tongue-twist to read out loud.

From the middle of the poem, I had a boisterous burst of laughter. Very funny verse.

Great art Lamington!

Onyinyechi Cosmos

Thank you to all who have commented kindly.

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