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So, lunch is on me then - eh?

suitably pursed,
raised to the correct angle.

She sits and sips the last dregs of
life she's just squeeezzed outta me.

A fitting accompaniment
to the thick slice o' succulent wallet
she's so elegantly carved out of my arse.

Dripping with greenback-
for those blessed with perfect diction,
her lawyer comments on the tenderness
of my sauteed sweetbread!

"hummmm a little stringy
but ever so nourishingly juicy".
as he pours the remnants
of my self esteem on to his final bill.


Last few words: 
I loved her reeaaally, honest, I did,,,,, honest!
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Not Explicit Content


I think you have been taken for a "Ride" Obi! sounds like you had a very bad trip, to say the least. so sorry to learn of this...but, the experience makes for excellent poetry! I love it all!

*hugs, Cat

When someone reads your work
And responds, please be courteous
And reply in kind, thanks.

Hiya, Cat.

The "Ride" was surprisingly easy given that I ended up with,,,,,,,,
The Cat, (Henry), the House, and The Blown Glass collection.
And she ended up with " The Chlamydia" ( The itch that keeps on giving )

hugs, Obi.

author comment

Very good write Obi! The venom in this piece is visceral - I felt it, and the monetary remains of love in the ashes.


Michael Anthony

Hiya, Michael.

No venom reeaaly,,,,
she was just intelligent for me,
I couldn't keep with her neurons,
and she, never learnt the art of, irony.


author comment

Hello, Obi,
I have the feeling your amazing sense of humor helps you get through most anything. A clever write by a very clever poet!

hiya, L.
Got it in one.
Humour is a coping mechanism for a multitude of woes, a trait well worth cultivating.

Obadiah, thanks you !

author comment

"The Calamitous Exploits of Obi the Wretch"?


. like my lost dreams...the flood

hee Hee,
Thanks, Thomas, who knows, maybe one day bro...


author comment

Ahhhhh, Alan, The most worthy of all retorts....
A Giggle !!!!


author comment

that any of you read what I write. It feels so good to do this. You are
one awesome poet. Good luck and keep it up!

When the lights go out and your alone. Don't let discouragement
and loneliness get you down. Just breathe deeply and trust in
your higher power. You're okay, you'll be alright!

keeps on giving) Oh man I can't stop laughing.

I was here now I disappear..

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