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Slow Descent Of The Spider

On a crooked night, the light fell down

There was an evil invader in the town

Darkness encompassed my world alone

No knocks on my door, no telephone

Outside weird noises prevailed around

Everyone inside only made muted sounds

Then came the sound of a high nightrider

Then began the slow descent of the spider

Webs flowed, catching everyone unaware

The spider gave all around a frightful scare

As it emptied the blood of victims one by one

Venom paralyzed each in its traps it had spun

Then the spider left as slowly as it had come

No human or animal was left when it was done

Like a fly in a web caught and never released

All in the town were left shells of deceased

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the script for one of those big-bug movies of the late fifties, early sixties, that I used to go see on Saturday afternoon, when I was a kid. I was scared to death that night, by the nightmares produced, but I was right back next Saturday for another one!
Thanks for the memories! ~ Geez.

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author comment

This is how I see every spider that comes into my house! This was well constructed and the story flowed beautifully. Good job.


Thanks RoseBlack. I always appreciate your comments.

author comment
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