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Simple isn't so simple

If you just do what you're told, sit up straight and do your work life will be easy, simple right? That’s what we are told from the first day of school follow those simple rules and everything will work out But no one prepares you for the side that might break you. As we grow older, we learn on our own that those steps won’t get you through everything and you will have to work harder than anyone has prepared you for. The hard work you put in to just get a passing grade. It builds you up and then breaks you down. Even if you try so hard and put in more work than anyone you still struggle because it is harder than just listening to instructions. Maybe it is just the way we think or maybe it is the way We are taught. You are supposed to make friends with the people around you but you aren’t prepared for the people that will bully you the friends you will go through, to find the people that understand you. But we are told it is simple. Teachers look through the pain and the internal struggles. Maybe it is because we hide it so well or maybe they don’t understand what we go through every day. The two faced girls that look you up and down, whisper and stare but around adults they are perfect and sweet and the kid everyone should be like. Or the mentally draining amounts of homework that keep piling up. Now you don’t have time to do the things you love. You are too busy with the sports your parents force you to play and the studying you have to do so your parents won’t shame you for getting a low grade. maybe that’s why they don’t see it isn’t that simple.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Direction): 
How does this theme appeal to you?
Is the internal logic consistent?
Last few words: 
Lots of people have been trough the same thing not everyone is ready to speak up about it but I am
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Not Explicit Content
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