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The Shadow

I can’t be late, to a single thing
I can’t relate, to any human being
I cannot see, my visions blurred
I cannot eat, cos I prefer
To drink so much, and smoke much more
I cannot think, of a reason why
Others don’t help, they do not try
I can see, the shadow that casts
Doubt on us all, more so when you’re tall
It is always there, and stays behind
So, you look in front, with a glint in your eye
From the sun, that creates, the shadow that stays
Creeps like a demon, and darker than grey
Although I do, I shouldn’t complain
Cos the shadow and I, are one of the same

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of near rhyme; it helps to get the mood of not quite right.
That's what I feel with this poem. An aura of nothing feels right.
Are you really smoking and drinking that much?
You know, it's not up to others to stop you, you have to want it for yourself.

I used to do both, I smoked and drank much more than I should have.
I stopped drinking because I would get such bad hangovers that I thought I would die
and I hoped to hurry up and do it! Then I stopped smoking because I now have COPD
and need oxygen to make it through the day. Don't let it go that far!
Yes, we are our own shadows. We have complete control over what we do in this life.
You have great potential to be a very good poet, you just have to want it
and read a lot of poets and figure out how you want to present yourself. Good luck,
you are in the right place.
Neo. is here for you. ~ Geezer.

Writing purely for oneself, is the ultimate in defensive posture.

Yeah i drink 24/7 cos when i stop i get hospitalized. Was in a coma for a few weeks from it. now really scared to stop. cutting it down is key. But it is so hard! running out of money so that will either kill me or save me. what is COPD? don't know what it stands for. It seems creative people are more susceptible to addiction. No idea why, is just what i find to be true. all my friends are addicts and all are really good at certain arts

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. From smoking and involvement in work related environments: Chemicals, dust, and other bad things in the air. The inside of the lungs deteriorates to the point where they cannot separate oxygen from air breathed; without supplemented oxygen from oxygen concentrator, I would not be able to do anything but lay in bed and eventually die. You can cut down and eventually quit drinking, there are many who do. Don't give up! ~ Geezer.

Writing purely for oneself, is the ultimate in defensive posture.

what work were you in? yeah everyone says u can stop but i think they're just being optimistic when complacency is dangerous, so would rather just keep doing it. cos better to die slowly than quickly. I've smoked lots of crack and heroin but never weed! must be the only person who never had smoked weed. u just talking about fags or other stuff

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