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The Scarecrow Who Cared

The Scarecrow Who Cared

All day and all night
The scarecrow stood
With a head made from straw
And legs made of wood
He didn’t know why
He was forbidden to move
So, he rebelled, with something to prove
He was told he should scare
All the crows but he dared
To object to the needs of the farmer
He changed his expression
From scary to calmer.
The crows would then land
And feast on the man’s
Crops and grow fat
All went according to plan.
They were no longer scared
Of the scarecrow’s face
They pecked on the crops
For the rest of their days.

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I guess that is what the farmer gets for dressing him in old rags and leaving him out in the weather! Why should he care if the crows eat their fill? I don't think that scarecrow will be around much longer, the farmer will see that he is not doing his job, and replace him with a better method or perhaps another scarier scarecrow! A funny little story to tell the kids at Halloween! ~Geezer.

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