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No matter how accepting society becomes it's hard being a Queer,
You feel you're not part of; like you don't belong here.

Queers and gays are not sexual deviants,
No, were not missing any ingredients.

Being Queer is not evil or a curse,
It's not something we practice or rehearse.

It's not a sin, wrong, weird, or strange,
It's not a phase or something we can change.

No one should have to hide who they truly are,
We are not retarded; no need to lower the bar.

We all have our inner demon and things we fear,
Gay-bashing only happens if you’re a Queer.

We should be allowed to love who we love,
Two people same gender; don't make a federal case of.

From day one all we hear is that we have a flaw,
It's like always getting the short end of the straw.

Most of us choose not to wear a mask,
Why you choose to be Queer? the question that they ask.

We hear a lot of we won't ask, you don't tell,
They pray for us, were headed straight for hell.

After all we are part of the human race,
Your opinion shows all over your face.


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Structured: Western
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Not Explicit Content


I like your piece. like the couplets you chose to use.

my orientation is hetero, so can't claim to really get what the struggles are with those that are not heterosexual. doesn't mean that I have a bad attitude towards the gay community at all. Just sayin' that I'm sure I do not completely understand all of it.

Walt Whitman was a openly gay man, and I really love his work... have for years...

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what the struggles are. As someone who has thought about why I am attracted to a type of person; I agree that you don't actively choose the type of person that you are attracted to. Of course, you do have choices, but in general, you like a certain look, a kind of demeanor and an obvious part of that is sexual orientation. Is it nature or nurture? There are many schools of thought on that, and none that I've seen are definitive. Your poem has a couple of flaws, in that you forgot some of the punctuation.
1] You feel like you're not part of it, like you don't belong here.
2] Leave off the [d] on the end of rehearsed
Check your pauses: That is where you need commas. Read it aloud and insert where you pause, [it helps to read aloud.
Your thoughts come through clearly. I can see you writing some good stuff! Keep on writing. ~ Geezer.

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didn't know 8 year old people were allowed on this site.
This write is so childish.
Queer can be an insult or a complement depending on who you are with.
Much like nigger or negro.
You choose to write about it as an insult, Why?
In the stead of being OK with who you are and writing on that you almost make it an offensive or attack.
I know what it's like to be different from most of the people I grew up with and know. I deal with it. The only time I go on the offence is when I see someone like me on a pity potty.
Try a comma after of in the second line.
were should be we're (you do that several times)
The last line is so sloppy, just thrown in there as a diversion.
BTW I believe this is western structure because you employ rhyming couplets.
I regret that I just do not like your message and how you deliver it, although I admire your use of he craft. It is well constructed.

Thank you, MR., Mark. You are so spot on. Well, done. It was an offensive word my whole life. When we were kids, (when kids played outside.) we would play smear the queer with a ball. I remember having welts and bruises. I have been a lesbian my whole life, I know I was born this way. I wrote a poem on this subject about puberty. A DIFFERENT KIND OF YOLK is the name. I have struggled with addiction my entire life. I write a lot on addicts and addiction and recovery. Thanks Again Mark,
I enjoyed your perception on my poem....

Happy New Year,

author comment

I am so sorry that you went through that - being bullied when young. I think you had something they were jealous of or they were just mean souls. I can see how writing it from that childish (so to speak) pen works great now. You were being attacked. Like I said I know what it's like to be the outsider as I was moved from my home to a new community when in 3nd grade and spent most of my life from then trying to do stuff to gain new friends or get attention - to be loved like I had been. It is all about the most basic of needs isn't it?
Welcome to Neopoet, Debbie.
Happy New Year.

Thank you again Mark. You are ok in my eyes. I like straight shooters you know where they're coming from. That my friend is an excellent quality. I'm sure we will be hearing more from one another. A lot of my poems are kind of like Dr. Suess. I go simple and rhyming.

Best Wishes to you,

author comment

I would like to see more poems about this subject on this forum. I think this could be better explored with a different form though, or with a more direct theme. As a fellow Queer, I get that it can be hard and people can be judgmental, so Id like to see poems that dig more deeply into that. talking about don't ask don't tell and connecting that to religion could be a whole poem in and of itself [think going to confession, serving in the "lord's army" etc].

Thank you I have some more on this subject. It is the life I have lived on this wonderful planet we call home. I will post some more on the subject.

Thanks Again,

author comment

The word "queer" used in this context is very old-fashioned. I prefer "poofter" as a noun or "poofy" as an adjective. But whichever way you look at it there's nothing wrong with being a gayboy.

Thank you. Yes, when I was growing up that was a word they used. It summed us up in just a word.... Shoot I'm 60 years old. I like your words better.

author comment

A fairly well stated poem about how I suspect most queers feel.I have know a few homosexuals over the years an have no problem with those who don't try to rub their sexuality in my face. No telling how many I have encountered who just went about their lives without screaming their sexuality.

Sometimes a person's innate bigotry is revealed by the words they choose to use. Phrases like "rub their sexuality in my face" and "screaming their sexuality" are telling....

Is the building site worker who wolf-whistles at a woman "screaming his sexuality in people's faces? Is the sporting hero in the sweaty changing room who boast about how many birds he has bonked "rubbing people's faces with his heterosexuality?

Until quite recently, homosexuals (both male and female) had to hide their preferences for fear of ridicule, violence and/or criminal charges. Truly it was the love that did not dare speak its name. Sadly, in many societies, its still is (I am not only thinking of the Islamic world where gays can get themselves stoned to death with a bit of bad luck: evangelical Christians are famous for their bigotry and intolerance).

Just think about it, folks.

the examples you show are crude behavior as is openly groping one's partner in public regardless the sexuality. I reckon I'm old fashioned in thinking private acts should be done in private lol

I find "groping" a peculiarly biased and judgemental word.
What does it mean? Kissing? Holding hands? Fondling the buttcocks?


A peck of the cheek or quick lip kiss is one thing. A 2 minute toung probe is another. Same thing with a pat on the flank compared to grabbing ass or other sexual areas.

It is one thing for a person to express love or even a fondness for another in public by; as you say, a quick kiss, a pat on the butt or such, but when it becomes a blatant sexual act, such as rubbing a person's genitals, breasts or spit swapping, I say that is "rubbing their sexuality in my face" regardless of their orientation! ~ Geez.

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A show of affection being turned into sexual harassment of some sort for the sake of a quick buck or a minute of fame.
Just irks me.

I regret I may have inadvertently led members into a spat. It was not my intention.

My initial point was with regard to treating heterosexual and homosexual acts equally, whether in private or in public - bearing in mind the aggression, bigotry and prejudice which so many millions of gay people have suffered over the centuries. Using the word "queer" is surely a clear example of an unreformed mindset on this matter. The Q word should be treated with the same disgust as is use of the N word.

And I do feel that in regards to both words but for different reasons. Still, not words of my choice and neither is poetic IMO.

If in fact, that is the way a person refers to themselves, I will accept it. I believe that it amounts to the same thing as those of Afro-American descent calling themselves [Niggas], but white people cannot do it without being called racist. ~ Geezer.

When you are writing for the Random Challenge!
Example: "I Need To Recharge" is prompt.
title is "Plugging In" It should appear this way:
"Plugging In" - Random Challenge/ I Need To Recharge

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