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I just read two guys at each other's lives pry
One was not shy two wives he had tried one fled the other died but he never cried nor lied
took his pet dog for a car ride and said hello BRED you are my best friend unwed yet
Another guy said he had three one too many now finally he is happy with the one who remains glued straps him like a pet you know what they go along for a long walk holding hands ere one runs
Then a guy just barged in from the East pals just look at me long distance wife went with another one now none left to hold on So I suggested come to the WEST take as many till your mind does rest try one for a night each day how'd you feel can't say Date as many as you may then once satisfied you'd go back to your old forgotten flock Don't think of a life's rebirth you are not yet worth a dog Neither here nor there God bless no where.
Keep yourself undressed maybe the first will return to get once again dressed OKAY come now let's go for a walk hold my hand and talk ...
Let's not history repeat -master taught us all rot
A BIRD in hand and yeah rest you know let the guys play the band MERRY GO AROUND
Marry no more again
what can anything a doggy do ?

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
This is an off the cuff poem reading poets of Neo's comments Just think what!
Editing stage: 
Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


You wanted the truth and well my viewpoint of the truth you shall get.
I think it should use some stands us to help the flow of rhythm.
Now I usually do 5 by 3 or 3 by 5 .
And I believe your purpose of writing this is to entertain but just in case can you tell me what is the message behind it if their is one . And I hope this truth doesn’t personally harm you but maybe need some periods to have some breaks in order for the brain to process.

Sincerely , hlm Edward nigma

Hlm life without literature is a life without logic.

Sorry for bothering you yet again I sincerely hope you accept the apology.

Hlm life without literature is a life without logic.

as you grow like me
sans all when you will also be
then remember me
funny and silly

That is FUN
and pun you knoe thnx

I am so happy you consider to read me
Did you ever play football
if so kick harder than hard
of the field shall run this oldie
with glee.

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