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Love, Goddamnit

Look up from your desk and out the window,
See the clouds and the trees and the sky.
See the streetlights shine and see the rain,
And see the people going briskly by.
See good friends huddled under umbrellas,
standing close so they both can stay dry.

Look up from your phone and across the table,
See your best friend laugh and smile.
Crack a joke, and hear what she says,
and I promise it’ll be something worthwhile.
We need you! To converse and relate,
in the midst of this reconnection revival.

Ignore all the new age “therapy speak”
About putting yourself first always.
May your needs always be met, but after that,
in giving and love there should ever be praise.
Darling, never hold shame about caring,
Love loudly and loose and let that be okay.

Don’t be governed by pop culture rules,
the “don’t ever show your cards” bullshit.
Hold the door and pay on first dates,
And make your desires clear (if they deserve it).
Don’t dwell on those who may prey on your time,
flying’s no fun with a pest in the cockpit.

Look up from your life and see what it ought be,
a blossoming garden of light and love.
Plant new seeds and prune when it’s needed;
Water old roses and feed the quail-doves.
I beg of you- care for others - for caring’ sake alone.
Love, goddamnit, and look out the window,
and see how your blossoming garden has grown.

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