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I'm Proud Of You

Oh, I would kill to see you smile.
You have no home
In the city of denial

I wish you could see.
The man you became.
Set yourself free.

Your silence frightens kings.
If you only knew
Of hope and joy
You would cast away
All the dark things

Oh, I ask thee.
Have you not fought enough?
Have you not filled oceans?
With your tears?

I beg you to fall in love.
With imperfect you
If you haven’t heard it enough
I’m proud of you

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This is a beautiful poem! It sounds like you have a lot of love and admiration for this person. Well done xxx

for your visit

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Few people can express such feelings. You have a beautiful poem here with no discernible corrections or suggestions that I could make. I imagine this was tough to write and tougher to share but it is truthful and self reflective in a way I think most people will find very relatable.


For your words

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