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I'm Just a Kid (Black Lives Matter Rap)- Written by the kids

Yeah……… student 1
Yeah I know what they think of me- student
They be staring and judging
Like no respect for my dignity
But believe me my homies
I got places I’d rather be

I got dreams so insane- student 2
They make the mountains blush red
And rivers call out my name
Cas I’m the king of this game
One thing they say about me- student 3
That’s absolute truth
Don’t underestimate my self-esteem
You know it’s bulletproof

I’m just a kid from the suburbs- student 2
They say I aint got no hope
I’m just a kid from Sudan- student 1
My people came here by boat
I go to open my mouth- student 2
But then they point, laugh and joke
They locked us up out of sight- student 1
But that taught us how to cope

See the thing about haters- student 4
You’ll be sure to agree
They’re simply jealous of my swagger
That’s why they’re hating on me

I got the flow, I got the beat- student 5
I got ambition and drive
I’ve seen my fair share of darkness
But I’m still here and alive
I’m proud to be here- student 6
and I’m proud to be me
Aint nobody in the vicinity,
that I’d rather be

Don’t look me in the eye- student 1
And smile to my face
If you’re harbouring prejudice thoughts
Against my family and race

You should know now – student 7
not to judge a book by its cover
I’ve got a score to settle
Over the crooked hand I was dealt
So I bring the rhythm and rhyme- student 5
To make my words more heartfelt

In the good ole Aussie land,- student 4
we live happy and free
Well that is of course- student 2
unless you’re black like me
Or worship the wrong god- student 1
You see- my dad- student 3
he use a different surname
Just to get him a job

So don’t you dare try to school me- student 5
On values of e-qua-li-ty
You must be joking right?- Student 6
I mean seriously!- all
Is this how you folks define demo-cracy?
You get kicked on the street- student 2
for looking just like me
Labelled a trouble maker- student 1
for looking like me

Maybe we’re in the same storm- student 7
But my ship here is sinking
So forgive me, I’m not fazed by
Our impending extinction

My fight is here and right now!- student 5
My question is how
Will you back me? - all
Will you join me?
To battle adversity

Enough of this talk- student 7
They’ll say it’s all just a rort
I’m far too young to be dealing with – stude 6
these political thoughts
Leave me alone- student 5
Let me be
Let me free to be me
The person I am- is more than enough

I may not be the next Einstein, student 4
Gandhi or Steve Jobbs
But one day I’ll write lyrics – student 6
that’ll be uniting the mobs
And who’s to say, I won’t invent- student 3
the coolest new app?
Or find a cure to a virus- student 7
that is yet to attack?

I’m just a kid- student 1
So let my slate be wiped clean
Let my future hold promise
Possibility and dream

I’m just a kid- student 2
And all I’m asking for
is one plain thing
Don’t write me off- all
Or put me down as insignificant
Cas I’ll prove you all wrong
By being truly magnificent

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
Please use care (this is a sensitive subject for me, do not critique harshly)
Last few words: 
I must be getting a bit sentimental about leaving work soon! I was thinking about all the kids I've taught and their achievements. Last year for our school poetry slam, a group of kids wanted to do a Black Lives Matter rap. These were the kids who don't normally excel academically or do well in school so it was really exciting to see them so engaged! This was just after the brutal killing of Cassius Turvey so they were all pretty fired up and passionate about this issue. This is what they came up with- and I'm sooooo proud of them because I think it's an amazing poem/rap! I helped them a little bit with phrasing and structure, but this is 90% their work! Unfortunately they were never allowed to perform this poem at the Poetry Slam because it was deemed inappropriate and too political for a primary school event :( :( I feel really bad for them, and in a way like I let them down. Maybe I should have fought harder for them to be able to perform it. I wanted to share it here so maybe it could be appreciated by some other poets. These kids deserve to have their story told!!! They were year 6 students- so only 11/12 years old. Amazing hey!!?
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Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


Hi again I read through your students Rap again and then once more, so cool! I was wonderng if you would tell me more about them, their situatuion and anything else you might say about them. I am aware to a certain extent of the plight of the indigenous tribes of Australia. I know that they are disappearing or leaving, which is very sad. I read a book once about 20 years ago called "Mutant message down under" I loved it and could feel not only the beauty but also the hard reality of their rural life. What amazed me most was how the people accepted it and how they made it a beautiful way of life, a spiritual art. Just from what youv'e written I can see how much they need your influence! I hope you are still teaching. I wonder if I can be a positive element in their lives. Tell them that I love them and am amazed at their intelligence and determination at such a young age. They seem to have such a high regard for themselves, deep down where it counts!

The only difference between a grave and a rut is that one has an open end!
Just keep moving, writing, whatever it takes! You've got it sussed!

Thank you so much for the kind words and your genuine interest in these kids. I would love to tell you so much more about them, their plight and other achievements! I will do it tomorrow because I think it will be a long story and tonight I am sooo tired. Xxx

author comment

This was a story that spread its vines all over the world what happened to Cassius was a tragedy, I hope for all his mob that justice is served.

I know you're trying to give credit to your kids but I'd remove student 1 or whatever their number is. it's off-putting in the reading. We will never know their names (per age restrictions here at Neo) if you named them we'd have to get a release form from each of their parents but as it is it's allowed, but they know they accomplished this. And so do we. If you want to write it as a song maybe that would be easier on the reader. Verse, chorus etc.

I'm not going to ignite the political powder keg that this story became, but I lit a candle and incense and said the words as did many of the mob.

Respect and love J xx

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — W.B. Yeats

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