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Deep Freeze

Bracing for a cold front
Winter come full speed
Batten down the hatches
Cover every need

The winds migrating southward
From the northern pole
Feel them coming in my bones
Signaling my soul

Stoke the fires roaring
Embers through the dancing blaze
Blistering white bed of coals
Shield against this frosty gaze

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Not Explicit Content


Needs to give way to Spring. Beautiful poem describing the deep freeze...but I am ready for warmer weather and outdoor activities.


Very good description of the cold freezing weather. Like it,

Hi, Tim,
We have had unseasonably warmer weather here lately, but I feel the deep freeze in your poem. Fortunately, your last stanza with its "blistering white bed of coals" warms up the room! Happy March!

I'm noticing a recurring nature/seasons theme in your recent work. It's really beautiful! I'm so glad we don't have snow here- I don't think I could handle the weather that cold! As always, excellent language.
Well done Xxx

I write at least a poem a day. After I finished up my first book (which I am dragging my feet on publishing) I started on the next immediately. Oct 1st - Dec 21st. Is a book with a fall/Yule theme. Dec21st -March 21st is another volume about winter/and hoping for spring. Then I’ve got my working title for March 21-June 21st already chosen and the ball rolls into that season. From equinox to solstice, from solstice to equinox.

There is absolutely a well conceived and symbolic thing going on over here. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Good job noticing. You’ve been paying attention,

author comment

your poem is crisp along with our weather here. we got a bunch of snow yesterday and the day before. Steven had to clean out the dish so we could watch the news. I had a dental appointment so we had to go out. back to your beautiful poem; my favorite lines are:

Stoke the fires roaring
Embers through the dancing blaze
Blistering white bed of coals
Shield against this frosty gaze

*love and hugs, Cat
wishing you the brightest of blessings

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