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CITY SKETCHES Sixteenth in the Scuppernong series

Two men walk by, animated
each having their own sight in the moment
they are bringing vision out of dreams
putting possibilities into practice.

Japanese women, a dozen or so come out of Scuppernong Books
look uncomfortable in the heat, perhaps wishing for Tokyo
speaking in their native tongue
one is angry speaking in body language only.

One man of color walks by, preoccupied,
his thoughts trailing like balloons behind.

The handholding loving couple with a skip in their step
walking in unison, footfalls together, left with left, right with right
life is limitless, all is available to them
the smelling of each other its own delight.

The summer evening heats the interactions
walkers on the street step thru the sunshine
into a goal away from disappointment
smiling at each instance of possibilities to meet.

The woman walking by herself, almost does not look lonely,
her wienerdog is chipper enough.

Opening the back of his SUV
placing a ramp down to the street
he helps two great dane pups out and down, they care not about the crowds
they are all big feet and he happily leashes them to walk.

There’s a drunk over across the street
standing [sort of] under the hanging basket
he holds onto the unlit streetlight and talks to anyone that will make eye contact
everyone is high on something it’s just that some show it more.

No bombs go off in the corner cafe, tonight the terrorists are asleep.

Sidewalk trees wish for forests instead of small spaces of dirt.

The experiences are a river of fast flowing water going down the street
we seek the unusual when our eyes are open.

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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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This is the opening poem in my book, WHITE DOG SPEAKING, which is out on an editor’s desk for consideration to be published.
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Not Explicit Content


Flashes of "Blade runner"! where the hell are ya living Ray?

(How about "Plucking visions from dreams"?)
Very much enjoyed your take on a snippet of time.
Be sure to post the ISBN of your book when its ready.


In the front of my fav indy bookstore in Greensboro, NC. I wrote a whole series in the glass front display windows (now an eating area, meeting area) in Scuppernong Books.

Thanks for commenting!!!

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