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My life feels like a movie.
That’s not to say
That I consider myself
Some hyped up movie star.
Quite the contrary,
I’m more of an extra,
Protruding discreetly
From the corner of the frame,
Photobombing at best,
Not visible more likely.
Sometimes a stuntman,
Taking the hits and kicks,
Shouting out an ominous
Wilhelm scream
Everyone’s already
So completely used to
That it doesn’t draw
One bit of attention.

I don’t like this movie,
The genre is not clear.
It wants to be serious,
But turns out a parody.
I’d be walking out
Of the theatre,
If only I could.
Surely Roger Ebert
Would do the same.
It seems obvious
That the casting process
Somewhere went south.
So please, casting director,
Recast my life without me.
I’ll wait for a better movie.
Who’s to tell?
I might even come across
A freakin’ masterpiece.

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Thank you for the comment.
I think most of us get to a point in our lives where recasting is thought about. It can require great strength to pick ourselves back up and carry on. This poem speaks to this feeling of weakness and I might try to write a sequel about finding the strength that is hidden within.
All the best,

author comment
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