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Where the hell has "He Man" gone
and why can't I fart in bed?

All true men are incarcerated
trapped on a clitoral plane,
where knee jerk reactions
drives a man insane

We all wear pink pyjamas
frilly knickers and a bra,
wear our hair in pig tails
shave our gonads --- YAY, HURRAH !!

They feed us up on Retinol
give us Optrex for our eyes,
provide the silken stockings
denier thirty--- OHH, NICE THIGHS !!

So, where the hell has "He Man gone
and why can't I fart in bed?

Mehe,,, guess I'll jus'
mow the lawn,,
wash the feckin dishes, instead!


Last few words: 
shushhhh, Don't tell her !!
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Not Explicit Content


'ello, Al.
Look, if indeed you have solved the mystery of the lil bugger,
you ought feel duty bound to the rest of mankind in providing a map/geological location of said "clit".

I hear tell that it lie-eth neath a mound of fur,
near an abyssal hadal zone of wonder !!


author comment

There will be no touching,
everything from now,
shall be tantric and done from a distance, Mark.

author comment

I see that you are right! I see men who are taken advantage of on every level and made to look like fools. The Old Spice commercial where the mother-in-law takes over her son-in-law's soap, deodorant and aftershave; the one where the man of the house buys two cars and the wife says "Ooooh, that one's mine and he is left with the pretty car while she takes the truck in the color he wanted, and a host of other commercials that make the man look like he is a buffoon! As for me, I'll fart in bed if I want to, and I know where that little bugger lies, bruised by electric stimulation, and in a shaven state that makes it look like it belongs to someone that should get me twenty years in the penitentiary! Kick that M-I-L back to her own pad! ~ Geezer.

There is value to commenting and critique, tell us how you feel about our work.
This must be the place, 'cause there ain't no place like this place anywhere near this place.

I've lost count of how many genders are available to be chosen from,
YES, apparently now, you can plump for whichever fancy takes you,
non binary sounds nice, though, I have no idea what it actually is,
lets go for that one for a day or two geez, we can tuck and fold things in!

author comment

Chicken !!! lol.

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