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Editing - draft


He's a Jealous creature,
tearing his heart out
it gnaws at his innards

Tormented, stalked by insecurity.
and bonds he can't escape,
a garrote for his neck.

The ugly side of love
rears its poisonous head

He lashes out verbal intensity
Words slashing
like razor blades.
Lacerating her affection

Suffocation won't keep her close
The tighter he squeezes,
The more likely escape.

Punch drunk
and dazed by emotion,
he needs to lay this burden down,


Since we met I have been blind.
Don't get me wrong, though, I don't mind
'cause I can see just plain as day
until I turn my eyes your way.

When I glance at you I see
that child bride so dear to me.
You're still the best thing in my life;
my safe port in times of strife.

Your skin is as soft in my hand
and in my arms you feel as grand.
The wrinkles of which you oft fret
well, I haven't seen them yet.

Looking out the kitchen window


my finger traces
a still barely
visible band
on my 4th finger

our ex-anniversary
is now my memory

a constant companion
to might have beens

yesterday had so much
prospect and promise
today I face a sink
full of dirty dishes



These poplars stand straight and tall
slim branches bare in early winter
seeds whirly-birding as they fall
confetti for all who choose to enter.

Gray trunks a match to cloudy sky
as their limbs applaud the wind
and maybe me as I pass by
on my way to journey's end.

I've come here often in the spring
as newly minted green leaves sprout
and this copse's love birds sing
while mating squirrels run about.

Welcome to the Block


Curses lick with jest
at the small
of your back,
then they sear -
stinging hot:

Look around,
oath on jaundiced cloud;
kids with eyes
big as watermelons
hold the prods of hell's burning.



Standing alone for all to stare
immodest limbs slowly sway
taking no notice, doesn't care
what you might think of the display

Only one light on comely form
but, then, one's all that's needed
disrobing has become the norm
gawking and dropped jaws go unheeded

Garish garb is slowly shed
slow dancing to an unheard tune
there goes the cloth of mostly red
full nudity will be here soon


It's late November, cold and gray
last warmth of autumn gone away
most of the trees are bleak and bare
their festive garb no longer there

Each step descends on festive litter
alerting squirrels, making them chitter
the crunch of dry leaves quietens all
as denizens flee from each foot fall

The wind blows in puffs like breath
unsteady and as cold as death
the chill creeps clear down to the bone
am I here in these woods alone ?

waiting for it

platitudes, ah platitudes. . .
paucity of penury

when not enough
is too much

non-existent forgiveness
lines road to somewhere

all signs point

pot of gold --
more than wrong

clandestine advertiser's slick
fleece fools

waiting in line for it
anticipation is killing them

hyperbole notwithstanding
they wait and wait.


Amid the canyons made of steel
a world completely without green
where nature has been brought to heel
still, subtle beauty can be seen

Just prior to morning's sunrise
only sound is distant diesel's rumble
in quickly lightening predawn skies
you can watch white contrails crumble

Tall towers' glasses now reveal
the first lances of the morning light
lending a sharp crystalline feel
to an otherwise stark, sterile sight

The Bar-b-que Invitational

There are basically, but two ways
to accomplish a given task,

if one can research, and become informed
then in the sweet light of success, one will "bask"!

Last month, I tried to move my residence
to a house, where I could better, reside,

however, while asking for neighborly assistance
my friends "dragged their feet", and tried to hide !

Now, I've been there for others,
moving really is a daunting chore,


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