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This week the Neopoem is " A Stranger by Anna Severchuk. Congratulations to Anna on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

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We have decided to publish a Neopoet anthology with all the poets who have won any of our contests. We will start a contest to select the cover poem of the anthology. Join our contest by clicking the link below

The Neopoem Of The Week has been awarded to Mark for his poem "Feelings of Expressions" Congratulations to Mark on such a fine poem. To read this poem and leave a comment click on the link below. Thank you to the Neopoem Group on picking the weekly winner.

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lost but not found

I haven’t been feeling like me
I feel like someone else is in my body

I’m living out my dream
In the city that never sleeps

Finally people know my name
But I don’t feel known

This city is mine
But I feel like I’m walking on glass

I want people to think I’m being me
But in reality Im not sure where to find her

I thought that leaving would fix me
But I still find myself wandering

Maybe if I change one small thing
I’ll come back to who I am

Maybe if I keep pretending
It’ll become my reality


Roses fade
but they never die...

they live in books
till end of time

recalling those moments
since lapsed,
love roses only

The Poetess's Apartment - My trip down memory lane

The Poetess’s Apartment
Ode To Anne B.

To get there, you walk up a steep hill, past the parking lot
where the cars are neither new nor luxurious. Then, up
some crumbling concrete steps, to the entrance
of a plain brick building—and still two more flights inside,
to the Poetess’s apartment. The hike is well worth the effort,
because from its generous living room window
you can see the park, or at least its treetops.


My life has a dominant bitter component,
I can no longer fix aright and feel better,
ever since my light has gone and waned,
I'm now fumbling around in total darkness.

My infectious smile is no longer attractive,
I'm disgruntled, dismayed, what a terrible life?
things turn bitter through no fault of mine,
or am I predestined to go through all this?

Rabbit Road


I drove three years to work
down Rabbit Road that, hill and dale,
was lined with Rabbit Brush.

Mounding, effulgent green shimmers
in summer’s intermittent New Mexican dawnings,
and the sharp, dark hulk of the Sangre de Cristos.

Due east. Venus. Moon rise, or none.
Chamisa, Rabbit Brush, named by us,
with number 6 or 7 lead shot,

with 235 16R steel radials.
Rabbit Road. Defined by the talons of hawks, the
fangs of seven kinds of rattlers,

You will be enticed ...........ANSWER AWAITED

what ever you may say
I shall entice you one day the charm of a woman
none can resist no matter how much
one does persist.

I will entice you one day,
if it is not today,
at least
some other day

with all the experience
behind my years
I know by now
what only a girl can do
without any fear,
no matter what her intentions be
her lover that can never see…

how I’ll entice
you’ll never know,
for every guy has a price….

Internal Organ

i live
within the walls
Iron pressed bones for a floor mat
a bucket of internal organs sitting under the window sill
I live within the walls
A startled guest
a puzzle piece in your direction as they ponder
what a pleasant place I find myself
and such a linger in the air
Can you hear the crying instillation
Can you feel the tiny shards of glass
i live within the walls
and take my mind for a walk
We sit on a park bench and feed crumbs of agony to the ducks
They stick wings down their throats

My Tin Foil Hat

They tell me, "Take that tin foil hat off you

No waves are telling you what to do

No black helicopters are up in the sky

Satellites are not watching you like a spy

The television is not talking directly to you

The box on top does not watch what you do

No shadow people are coming for you tonight

No aliens are going to take you on a planetary flight"

They are probably right, but they may be wrong

I think I better keep my tin foil hat on


To lay one’s dreams
At the feet of the status quo
Despite clairvoyance
Of the impending stampede…
Therein lies true courage of self


Let me gather my thoughts...
they drift around me like
fallen leaves before the rain,
like flyaway cottonwood
stirred by my wandering feet.
I scatter each thought of you
with every bewildered step.
Let me gather my thoughts...

You are in my sunlight.
You are in my silence.
You are in my music,
my poetry,
my rain.

If there could ever be a day
with no thought of you,
I would somehow
miss you still.


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