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This week the Neopoem is " A Stranger by Anna Severchuk. Congratulations to Anna on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

Thank you to the Neopoem group for choosing the weekly winner.

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Neopoet Anthology Announcement!

We have decided to publish a Neopoet anthology with all the poets who have won any of our contests. We will start a contest to select the cover poem of the anthology. Join our contest by clicking the link below

The Neopoem Of The Week has been awarded to Mark for his poem "Feelings of Expressions" Congratulations to Mark on such a fine poem. To read this poem and leave a comment click on the link below. Thank you to the Neopoem Group on picking the weekly winner.

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Do not use all CAPS in title
try to limit a title to two words
take care to avoid using
the and of .....
words without significance and when

there are 26 alphabets ....try to ensure using once in every line as first word
so try and compose max 19 liner poem
unless you are composing an epic
do avoid repeating similar words
within nearer lines
learn to use replacements
as metaphors or like

Pretty Girl

Once the words are written
They’re really really written
It marks the end of an era
And profound change
All the prose of you
Remains in my mind
Just this one put down
No anger remains
Betrayal never came to mind
Only the sadness
Of knowing that a kindred soul
Had drifted away
And found a new home
Now to tumble down
Roads lined with willows
To remember the days
Of whispered jokes
And stupid bets
And changing lanes
When we would stay up all night

My 24-Hour Presidency...

I would sleep in the Oval Office
try to get things done
Eat Burger King, not McDonald's
no playing golf or having fun

Don't worry about the Congress
I wouldn't have big dinners
President T's not welcome here
I love election winners

Forge straight ahead, get things done
stoop to pet the dogs
Call the media, get on T.V.
Maybe write some blogs

If I Could Go Back

If I could go back,
Change the past.
I would slow down,
Not go so fast.

I would pay attention
To the older crowd.
I get why, they're
Cocky and proud.

I would do better
In school.
I would play less
Of the fool.

I would adjust,
My attitude.
I would show
More gratitude.

I would speak
I would prepare,
For the test.

I would smile
A lot more.
I no longer would
Keep score.



As I look up and try hard to see
Some sort of meaning to this life
No extremes, like joy or strife
Days are just bland and mediocre
Off-white, like a bowl of tapioca
Was this how it was meant to be

As I look up and ever hope to see
Something edgy, not vague or soft
Maybe a prize that I can hold aloft
Or a sign that the future is bright
And everything will turn out right
Yet still I wait for that master key



There is a cow up ahead on the road carrying a heavy load

Please give her a hand; she is trying to reach the promised land

She wants to take her milk to the honey, where it is always sunny

She cannot do it by herself, and you are the only one left

To help carry her load on down that long, long road

If her load you will help bear when you finally get there

They will let you come inside; you will not be denied

Feelings of Expressions

So hard to say tonight – yes!
This day I will say goodbye,
no song was written for me
my life is a loner too!
And I have no peers but you.

As I pack my suitcase hard
giving thanks for a strife life
and the great life fight - that’s right.
I wish I had a home now.

I had opportunity
to face off with good teachers.
I have no money to spend
but for special occasions
plenty of Gummy for friends
for me and any Honey.

Inside the mind of a Scourned side chick

You say you want me forever,
Yet and still I haven’t seen the day,
That you actually pay attention to the things I do or say,
You say that you love me and will always want me around,
Yet you meet me in secret and show her all over town,
You appear in the dark and leave before the light,
Always with the promise that “Ill see you again 2nite”’

Twas you after all

Twas not the born lamb’s breath that I dare weep for, brother
Twas not the hollow arcane inside I feel, dear brother
Hunger to sip the woeful tale of fever alas
Oh me, Oh my, Oh brother
He throws like plasma glass
Twas I, you know, shivering she
who tore apart the horses
And licked the dust of corpses
oh brother, dare we go a great old deal
and burn the iron man with teeth of gasoline
Twas you, remember
Twas you so sweetly keen
Oh me, Oh my, Oh brother
How the man does melt
Oh me, Oh my, Oh brother

symphonic burdens

don’t pity the poor fool who walks with shackles.
don’t smile at the clown who holds candles in his hands
crying as the wax burns flesh.
don’t laugh with the drunk who cries into a glass of gin.
refuse your love to the loveless
take what you have been given and swallow it whole
pray you feel the red wine drip from the sides of your mouth
coat your lips with sticky sticky red,
taste it for years to come.
drink up as you are told
keep your body steady as you fall,
Sing yourself a symphony


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