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Neopoem Of The Week Contest Announcement!

A new neopoem of the week contest has started. Show us your best poem of the week!

Neopoem Of The Week Winner!

The poem This Person Will Self-Destruct In... by Geezer has been chosen as the Neopoem of the week! Congratulations to geezer on such a fine write! A thank you to the Neopoem group for making their selection.

This Person Will Self-Destruct In...

How far can you let them take you
down the road of self-destruction?
While you try to build them up
help them in reconstruction

Do you let them take the food
from your family's mouth
steal your rent, your sleep
while they are going south?

This week the Neopoem Group has selected Myself, The Horizon, And The Sun by Kajiko as Neopoem Of The Week. Congratulations to Kajiko on winning this week's contest!

Thank you to the group for their efforts in selecting the weekly poem

Myself, The Horizon, And The Sun

The sun simply slid past me, threw me a wink which actually was never given, I paused and saw only the horizon, I saw its essence, evident display of affective signatures so typical to non-verbal utterances of what we dreamt of being: US, I and Her, She and I, for whichever way it was stated, it was still US.

Now I know, and I'm sure of what Pain is, because there never was a good bye, well at least not verbally, but good byes were "said." But then, surprisingly, I never stood a chance to make and present my plea, no jury, no court, safe the clouds of uncertainties and blankets of woes concurrently beating me to sleep at every point in time.

Neopoem Of The Week Contest Winner!

This week the Neopoem Group has selected the poem Off Ramps by Scribbler. Congratulations to Scribbler on such a fine write. Thanks to the group for selecting this week's winner.

Off Ramps

It's been so long I can't recall
anything but this highway
which I've shared with one and all
as time and life both slip away.

Just another traveler amongst the crowd.
kinfolk, friends and strangers too.
Rushing, passing, boisterous, loud
all in a hurry to get to.....

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


My Dear Mother

Mother is a nurturer and protector
Mother is a conception vessel
Mother is an incubator of progeny
Mother is a woman with a big heart

Now I clean your house
Prepare your meals
Manage your medications
Put food into your mouth
Make you morning tea
Wash the sleep out of your eyes
Put your glasses on
So you can see my face
Smiling back at you

Disease and old age, a second childhood
Now we have reversed roles
And I worry about you
My Dear Mother

Sister's Monster (by: eddy styx and Cat)

Sister's Monster
(eddy styx and Cat)


She’s high
Very, very high
Where her birth
Is cold as ice

She falls
She free falls
And is swept
Every which way

I feel her
Ten thousand feet down
On the top of my head

A river begins


Rollercoaster Ride...

This year's been a rollercoaster ride
traumatic scenes and all
Bad news around every corner hides
I wait for good news to call

It's been too long, since we have heard
glad tiding's voice of cheer
None but the croak of the raven bird
has come upon our ear

With skipping hearts that simply race
when touched with worsening news
We must try to keep the pace
fighting back with happy views


I want you to hurt me, make me feel pain
Inflict all your hurt onto me
Let this agony become my joy
Use me, abuse me like an unwanted toy

I need you to hurt me, make me scream out
Focus all your hurt into me
Let this torture become my desire
Use me & abuse me, harder & faster

Bondage & Discipline
Make me sore, break me in

Dominance & Submission
Every fetish, every sin

Sadism & Masochism
Make me bleed, break my skin

Yissa_Soured Spices

Dreams of a goodly grandeur,
Coated with succulent flavour,
Meshed upon thefinest of thoughts,
Gorgeously craftedwith silver and gold
To be bubbly made occupy,
Life set tobirth life's lively.
Sneezing into the safe earth,
To the open hands of the caretakers,
Smiles beaming from left to left,
Right, on the moment of merry,
Eyes popping out in glorious awe
Gazing upon the innocent in folded sheets,
It's a festival of Fortune
For days, months and few years,

Nostalgic clap, clap dance

What a lovely dance you portray
nostalgia overcame me reading this
as I once held her close and tight
right in the middle of the floor
all glared with open wild and wide eyes
as they saw,...

I pulled her in and tickled her here and there
unmindful of the others glare
they all did smile and stare
then clapped as I kissed her
then and there

as a teenager
who wouldn’t mind
a Frenchy of any kind
as we left the floor
towards the door...

My Own Champion (Birth of eddy styx)

My Own Champion
(Birth Of eddy styx)

you tried to master my
body, soul and mind.
with your actions stealing
my childhood defined.

you told me not to tell
as no one would believe me
because no one would care
so I may as well let it be.

I begged you then (first and last time)
please don't hurt me so?
you forced it, this thing called rape
this would be the beginning of my woe.



The sardonic laugh emanates from
our cranky Uncle”s lips
always wondering where his mind has gone
the group of us seem to back away from being too close

the closeness of family is
a flock of swans flying over the swamp
over the bank, reeds there reaching for the sky.

Care-giving inherent in most of those interactions
excepting perhaps the ones around the Thanksgiving table
the Patriarch or Matriarch loses
control, relegated to roles of mediator

The social stage

There on society’s
stage of
social standards
stiffly stands
a man timid
and tense.
With his mind lying
in a world
that had never
made sense .
Bounding him under
the brittle
bones of a
broken system.


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