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This week the Neopoem is Symphony in the Stars by Seren. Congratulations to Seren on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

Thank you to the Neopoem Group for selecting the weekly winner.

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This week the Neopoem is Recurrence by Kristen H . Congratulations to Kristen H on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

Thank you to the Neopoem Group for selecting the weekly winner.

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This is more than just a recital
This is more than just a drill
Watch out, I'm gearing up
I'm a force that you will feel

They say you should follow your heart
Or maybe you should listen to your mind
Friend, I'll be the first to tell you
Your heart  is misleading, your brain is blind

But when you have that burning desire
That fire is your greatest weapon
Your mind and heart say to quit
But it says "Don't stop until you're a legend."


I am drawn to you
Like a fish is drawn to water
But due to what I can't undo
I shall be drawn and quartered

By Your Side

Like a dream she floats
As my arms resist
Her presence hovers
Like an Angel of bliss.

Just longing to inhale
The fragrance of love
And linger close
To a snow white dove.

Her every movement
Glows with soft pink light
Like a magic vision
She transforms the night.

Her eyes sparkle
Like Spanish treasure
Just to be near her
Is my greatest pleasure.

Her voice calls to me
Like whispering bells
In a Garden of golden apples
She dwells.

Oversharing (for Rose Black)

Let me present you the gift of my time
Most precious of all things I have to give
Tell me about all the struggles you face
Assaulted by trials while trying to live

Open the cover of well guarded books
Kept in the mind and bound lock and key
Study the stories between all the lines
Those pages all careworn are inviting me

I handle the volumes with delicate care
Preserving the copy that’s scribbled inside
Antique books that were pulled from the shelves
Plot lines and tragedies you’d rather hide


Gliding towards the destruction
That’s written in on my small card
I wonder who brought me to this ball
And why is it I wear no corsage.

Waltzing around the disaster
That the band is tuning up to play
I try to remember the fox trot
In the wan hope of dancing away.

The band is at rest but the music still rings
In my ears as well as in my mind
Though I dip and twirl just as fast as I can
I’m always a measure behind.

Fun Reel Humor

Four fellows went
invitation by heaven sent
we lived like neighbors
hi and bye
never a word beyond that

now all say hurry
the four have gone away

the queue is going shorter
don't miss your chance
no other neighbors may miss you then
when at the end of the queue you plan to remain

left like a desert rat
no one with whom now to chat
the smaller cats will meow
how do you oldie expect
a kiss from me some how

Oh Jade

Oh Jade, you had the world at your feet
Such shame, drink you didn’t beat
It hurts, your life’s now incomplete
Oh Jade, the price you have paid
You didn’t choose this life, didn’t want to die
So now in a grave you are laid.
You had it all, now you don’t
I asked you to stop, but you said ‘I won’t
It’s not that you wouldn’t, it’s a fact that you couldn’t
You won’t come back; I wish you had stayed.
I wish you were here, but because of the beer
You’ve gone, and for yours, my life I would trade


There are one thousand
pieces to this puzzle
of worldwide birds,
and I have locked together
heads, wings,
tails -

dazzling colors
nesting on a pure
white background
where they have

I pull the lid onto
the empty box and
run my hand across
the smooth rainbow
of feathers.

Never the Same

I’ll bring teeth with skin
to squeak us right by
Should patient planning
Go somewhat awry
And erasure for time
admittedly lost
To gambits made
At too high a cost
God grant us one set
of unblinking eyes
Plural and probing
Through careful disguise
Show me a world
I’ll show you a man
Whose penance portends
of no bigger plan
Suffering sunsets
Navigating nights
Living out lunacy
As we all take quite
A curious interest in
what might occur
If Atlas himself


She’s high

Very, very high

Where her birth

Is cold as ice


She falls

She free falls

And is swept

Every which way


Wondering if she’ll ever land

Thinking she may die


A river in the sun

Only then she could run


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