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This week the Neopoem is " A Stranger by Anna Severchuk. Congratulations to Anna on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

Thank you to the Neopoem group for choosing the weekly winner.

Our seventh series of ten of this workshop is about to start. There is still room for two people to join this workshop.
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Neopoet Anthology Announcement!

We have decided to publish a Neopoet anthology with all the poets who have won any of our contests. We will start a contest to select the cover poem of the anthology. Join our contest by clicking the link below

The Neopoem Of The Week has been awarded to Mark for his poem "Feelings of Expressions" Congratulations to Mark on such a fine poem. To read this poem and leave a comment click on the link below. Thank you to the Neopoem Group on picking the weekly winner.

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I saw a jigsaw piece on the ground
Trodden by dirty boots and ignored
If only one could see the bigger picture
In the labyrinth with a woollen cord
Sensitive to every unexpected sound

Facts aggregate to cause congestion
Perhaps by just filling in the blanks
No need to attend any formal lecture
Help received deserves some thanks
To realise the unanswered question

Following a flashing flame

This withering wine glass
of a world
is filled with many things
some good and
sadly some bad .
But yet we
still have
to endure these
stammering streams.
where our dreams
are like stars
cascading across
the night .
Being the only
light sewn
within eternal
And wait for
the bashful burnout
of our internal flame
that only time can truly tame.


Thoughts flows deeply within me,
a sincere silence now sounding,
now making me a wave length,
the tides of words now lifting up.

my brain is studiously working out,
closing my eyes to rest becomes,
a transportation to my creativity,
I'm solely left behind in my own self.

often times quietude enhances me,
to take a smooth voyage of my brain,
but to explore my mental boundary,
a mental energy is first harnessed.

The man and the plan

I have a perfect plan,
But the plan has no man.
If the plan had a man
The man would do all he can,
Wherever any man ever ran
His reach would span,
He wouldn’t sit under a fan,
But go out and get a tan.
Ever since the time began,
Before Cohen sang to Suzanne,
There was never such a plan.
But, alas, this plan has no man.


Are you a giver?
Or taker?
Are you a mover?
Or a shaker.

Are you a lover?
Or fighter?
Are you to bed early?
Or an all-nighter.

Are you the light?
Or the dark?
Are you the bite?
Or the bark.

Are you the water?
Or the fire?
Are you honest?
Or a liar?

Are you wet?
Or dry?
Are you sober?
Or High?

Are you the disease?
Or the cure?
Are you polluted?
Or pure?

OUR COMBINED MEMORIES September Contest.....

all human creation
both saw
with wide opened eyes

what a difference

apples bananas snakes
peaches oranges
who could ever make mistakes

none even till today
so we all continue to say

repeat it every day
heavens still relay

both have been placed
equal now all say
first come first served
Queen or King

man woman
woe of men
since ages
till ages ever
only born
no dye

Another Jack And Jill

Jack and Jill loved each other so
They climbed a hill in the snow
Jack slipped and hit his head on a stone
He split wide open his skull bone
Jack lost his footing, and his brain too
Jack died; there was nothing anyone could do

Jack's remains were buried in just two days
Nothing ever grows where Jack now lays
Jill would soon follow that Jack did know
Because Jill always went where Jack did go

Understanding Eve

Her name was
born and bred
from the fertile earth of Eden
where seduction slid
between her virgin feet,
spoke to her with pretty words,
then promised seraphic enlightenment.

It seems rather unfair,
thinking of poor Eve,
to have been so tempted,
taunted, and tried.
She had no way to know,
did she, the real consequence
of eating forbidden fruit.
There was no label listing allergens,
no WHO warning of global effects.

Drifting day by day

We lift our
errant eyes
waking up
to the blissful
bluebird skies.
Where there
another day
itself away .


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