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This week the Neopoem is " A Stranger by Anna Severchuk. Congratulations to Anna on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

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We have decided to publish a Neopoet anthology with all the poets who have won any of our contests. We will start a contest to select the cover poem of the anthology. Join our contest by clicking the link below

The Neopoem Of The Week has been awarded to Mark for his poem "Feelings of Expressions" Congratulations to Mark on such a fine poem. To read this poem and leave a comment click on the link below. Thank you to the Neopoem Group on picking the weekly winner.

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Who’s that folding your fitted sheets
and cleaning your hotel bathrooms?
Who’s that humping your wet concrete;
Who's that pushing your brooms–
--do you know their names?

Who’s that pruning your pink azaleas,
and picking your ripe peaches?
Who’s bussing your dinner tables;
who’s that washing your dishes–
--do you know their names?

Who’s that feeding your grannie lunch;
who’s that changing her diaper?
I’ll bet five bucks you have a hunch,
so on this piece of paper–
--won’t you write their names?

Lost In Translation

The words flowing free through my fingers
Expressions of love, dark, deep, truest to the heart
Dancing atop the page, perfect and precise
A powerful force urging intent and clarity

An obstruction, distraction, a troublesome act
Struck suddenly thoughtless, the canvas formed now blank
Futile attempts to regain what was, since dissolved to dust
Forever lost in translation

Mary's Daughter

Mary had a very spoiled daughter
She was tired of always eating only ham
Mary took her lamb to the slaughter
Mary's daughter longed for some leg of lamb

Mary's daughter was still hungry even after
Mary cooked up her daughter some lamb stew
Mary's daughter said with child-like laughter
That lamb stew was something that was new

Modern Conveniences

I keep calling my mother's voicemail,
though she’s been gone for months,
to hear her voice again
I consider leaving a message, but don’t

Even with loss in bloom,
I’m sure I’ll be stronger soon
Maybe I’ll think of something to say
when the torrent of memories
aren’t crashing in all around me

It’s just a simple message to leave
You’ll be there one more time for me
so we can talk about how we’ve been,
here among the ashes

Aristocrat rat

identify the black and white cat
a double-dealing acrobat
See the fat aristocrat rat
a feline tooth and a bony supper
rat - a - tat - tat
the mouse never fools the black and white cat
for he licked an upper
and encounters a flutter
the claws of another
The shrill of a fat rat supper
Tit - for - tat
oh arrogant bobcat
oh splat splat splat
The aristocrat rat
with a miry pelt
and grandiose dark pebbles dealt
Identifies the black and white cat
The bobcat with the chit chat

Red Pickup Truck

The red pickup flew past
the soldiering stop sign,
both of them primed
like blazing hot cherries.

One was screaming
to hit the brakes,
the other, recklessly
whooping it up,
trying to grab onto
all of life's
second chances.

In the wake of it all,
a couple of inspired crows
took flight as the
of a spinning
hubcap came to rest
against the boot of the
yellow curb.


What a lovely pair
of birds
one of swans
don't compare

they intermingle with all their
as best
of friends
all simply love them

they are flying away
to the continent
for a longer stay
may God Bless them
we all pray

pair of swans
be happy and gay
loving is the only

do remember us all
once in a way
till in a newer country
you now shall stay......

Searching For Steven...

I wandered through the forest
running alongside of his bicycle

Sleeping with his thoughts
following his restless voice

The wolves of winter chased him
I ran too

Not near to halfway through
our journey in Neoland

I gasped for breath
and watched him ride out of sight

No matter, he returned again and again
circling to put me in his shadow
asking if I understood yet?

The only thing that I was keen to
was that he coasted without effort
and I struggled to keep going

The News

One day I woke up
To the most beautiful revelation
That somehow, unseen and unheard
The life I so desperately sought
Engulfed my very being
It walked through once closed doors
Sat on the couch and reclined tired feet
“It’s been so long, It said.
“Tell me what’s new.”


she reminded me of the waves,
not because of their soft
and calming reputation,
but because they engulf
and swallow
and drown the people who get too close.

she has left me choking,
pulling me into her graveyard.


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