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Community News

This week the Neopoem Group has selected Myself, The Horizon, And The Sun by Kajiko as Neopoem Of The Week. Congratulations to Kajiko on winning this week's contest!

Thank you to the group for their efforts in selecting the weekly poem

Myself, The Horizon, And The Sun

The sun simply slid past me, threw me a wink which actually was never given, I paused and saw only the horizon, I saw its essence, evident display of affective signatures so typical to non-verbal utterances of what we dreamt of being: US, I and Her, She and I, for whichever way it was stated, it was still US.

Now I know, and I'm sure of what Pain is, because there never was a good bye, well at least not verbally, but good byes were "said." But then, surprisingly, I never stood a chance to make and present my plea, no jury, no court, safe the clouds of uncertainties and blankets of woes concurrently beating me to sleep at every point in time.

Neopoem Of The Week Contest Winner!

This week the Neopoem Group has selected the poem Off Ramps by Scribbler. Congratulations to Scribbler on such a fine write. Thanks to the group for selecting this week's winner.

Off Ramps

It's been so long I can't recall
anything but this highway
which I've shared with one and all
as time and life both slip away.

Just another traveler amongst the crowd.
kinfolk, friends and strangers too.
Rushing, passing, boisterous, loud
all in a hurry to get to.....

Neopoem Of The Week Winner!

This week the Neopoem Group has selected Flashes by Ifeanyichukwu Onwughalu. Congratulations to Ifeanyichukwu Onwughalu. To read and comment on this week's selection please visit:

in midst of vicissitudes
you say
let bygones be bygones

how can this be
when one bygone has eloped
bagging along
his inadequacies
beyond boarders unknown
and the other lounged into a hole?

Neopoet Random Challenge Contest # 15 wants to challenge you to write poetry about this month's random topic that is provided below.

Objectives: If you so accept this challenge, all you have to do is choose one or more of the following topics and write one or more poems based on your choice or choices. Please make sure your poem or poems are between 12 to 32 lines. Certificates will be given to those that use the topic as their title.

1) My Mother
2) I was Lost
3) Rollercoaster ride
4) It's hard to breathe

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I Was Lost...

Lost in a daydream, symphony played
Floydesque notes drawn out
Time on my back, my hair is greyed
Music louder, hear it shout

Smooth drawn bows of violins
My ears filling with the sun
Shining diamonds are my sins
I really think the Money's won

Sweeping choruses, string voices strained
register bells are ringing
Them, who are us being drained
and they are still singing

Fluted notes being blown aloft
saxaphones fluttering wails
Cello marrying tones so soft
Tears that stream, filling pails


Once upon a time...
There was a family.
THE MILITARY was the word and the silence.
They all thanked God
on the sly
in the bathroom
and not at the table.
In that family...
the children ran fast
at the back of the church
with their eyes lost,
longing to be able to enter sometime
to say to the Virgin of the Charity of Cobre
as their grandmother taught them
God save you, Mary!
The old family
had to forget Christmas Eve
and the birth of Jesus,
just because…


Ray-ban shades, reflective lenses I recall
The darkened rims, rounded & small
Hands in pockets, head looking down
Past the station & then the shopping mall

Looked from the ground & peered from my hood
Thought I recognised a man from the way he stood
I knew that face but from where I couldn’t recall
I gave him a friendly smirk, the best that I could


You think I am stupid because I fell in love with you.
But one day you will realize that your going to miss me.
Because you will never find someone as stupid as me.
who will fall in love with you like me.

You treat me like trash because I fell in love with you.
You use and dump me like an empty tin of milk.
You treat me with less respect because you think am desperate for your love.
But your very right.
Because am actually desperate for your love.


Moms are the most Dashing Flowers ever in the Gardens of Affection

it's hard to breathe. when
mosquitoes sing. with their queen -

too heavy to fly
succulent dinner she had
benevolent me. on a platter of sleep
but she's damned noisy.
flapping wings. not alone -

fly by, fly in, fly on:
in endless berths. skin top base
like a 3D exploration -
these extreme dancers
fly-dancing on my skin.

their queen:
her's was majestic. focused.
sweet violin
she blew to my ears
my body her on-shore suckling
to her belly full; that

ORISON: Now And For The After

First Tell:
I grew in bits and in pieces, subject to grieve and uneasiness, I saw the stars, dreamt of them, wished for the moon, desired the sun. But cuncurrently, my past was my only adversary, my only competition, I knew all I needed was FAITH, I was so sure my convictions and beliefs were at best the only team I had. The only option in this very time of my need was to only but take a step, and so I took it and left everything in the fateful hands of the morrow.

My Daughter

Stand up from the crust:
O my daughter! Forbid a stranger's thrust
An ally that called himself our father,
Under his wings we wither
For they will be filled with laughter;
You should remember that they are strung together:
Like pearls,
And each one leads
To the next: the second doesn't stand alone
It grew out of the first that precedes its phone,
We're marching to Zion with a throbbing beat
Beautiful, beautiful Zion's heart,
We're marching upward to Zion's gate.

Just A Dream

Just A Dream

The Day you left

The day you left,
All the colors of the rainbow became dead...
We said forever!
But Death became too clever.
I want to join you,
However death restrains my plea.
You saved me but now I'm in ruins.

The broken glasses...
I always feared will hurt me...
But as you lay in the icy cold hands of death...
My pain is my joy.
But why now?
Why did it become dark before the light?
Why did I smile before despair?
Why did happiness welcome me only to leave me in debts? I couldn't see you off.


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