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Harvest Feast Image Prompt Contest Winner!

paleoray  won the Harvest Feast Image Prompt Contest with his poem titled

The Family Holiday Table

Congratulations to paleoray on a job well done.

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I felt the bone white clamping fangs sinking deep into my
Neck like a soft fruit and a sharp knife submerging further
deeper. it was like crimson red thick like syrup
Slowly gliding down my chest. An aroma of a rotten decayed
Body flesh and stinking rotting breath. The night was raven velvet
Black. Ice cold death breeze chills running all the way up to my
Head. I only went outside the cavern pub to smoke a cigarette.

From Lucifer...With Lust

Under the guise of loving eyes, he came.
Softening me with smiles that flattered
Honey stained lips that chattered
Of new and brighter days

Take my hand, he said with a grin
Enjoy life's twists and spins
There is nothing more to fear
For I'll always be near

Even when you want to run
And life with me has lost its fun
When the mask has fallen,
In the end, it's my name you're callin'

Kindness Departs

In the devil’s Lair,
Here, there, everywhere.

His evil stare,
Like a mirror’s glare.

Reflect back on us,
Oh what’s the fuss?

Yet we do not see,
Our lack of humanity.

As tables get turned,
Flipped what we learned.

Turned morality about,
So we were left with nowt.

But cold stone hearts,
And hatred wins, when kindness departs.

Dark Side Of Love

Love is supposed to be a blessing,
But it can be a deadly curse,
The dark side of love is so oppressive,
It can make you feel so much worse.

It can bring out the worst in us,
And make us do things we regret,
The dark side of love is so destructive,
It can leave us feeling upset.

It can make us feel worthless and empty,
And consume us in our sorrow,
The dark side of love can be so draining,
Until we've no more strength to borrow.

To the sky!

To the Sky! (A love letter to the sky)

The dark night
lifts its canopy
As brighter beam
will cross my brow
The morning breaks
and leaves behind
the darkened, starry sky
Its clouded realm
bursts into rain
A teardrop from my eye
The sun breaks through
With azure beam
A rainbow fills the sky
My love for thee
Is not contained
I lift my head and sigh
Extending love
So graciously
My passion for the sky!!


After the food,
and family,
and laughter,

we walked

along the creekside path.

And while we chatted,
a sharp-shinned hawk
gave chase to a screeching sparrow,

finally seizing it,
pinning it to the ground
before taking it to a high tree

where it ripped off one feather after another -

and as we watched,
we felt the weight of
the history of our country,

the beginning, when
lives were seized, pulled apart,
and taken away, like so many

Oh wonderful sky

Oh wonderful vastness,
Perfect sky.
Perspiration vessel,
Beauty that makes me cry.

Clouds so fluffy,
Pillows of joy,
Create artist’s landscape,
We visually enjoy.

And when I sit,
Taking time to wonder.
At the shapes,
In your vastness yonder.

I’m left so grateful,
For the sky you are.
Amazing and wonderful,
The greatest gift by far.

Write about Success

Success transcends from
the act of perseverance
with instilled of mind set
build persistent image

Embrace each failure
with a positive attitude
that comes to face in life
with a matter of optimistic

Never resign from fear
with a determination
to overcome obstacles
reach for the shining stars

Success is counted
with the opportunity
making the impossible
to become reality



Just when you thought it was all over
And told to wash your hands of it
One sneaky lingering look says it all
And it is still there, alive and kicking
Almost proud and not too surprised
Despite the rumour, love never dies

It can even explode into a supernova
Or make a pearl from an oyster’s grit
The blinding light from a lightning ball
And one can hear a timebomb ticking
Once a significant sound is recognised
Yet mostly, pure raw emotion applies


Relief I hoped was near
Earlier I had such great fear
Listening to that ring in my ear
I now finally had the call so clear
Early today a really good time to cheer
Finally thanksgiving can be held so dear


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