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Neopoem Of The Week Contest Announcement!

A new neopoem of the week contest has started. Show us your best poem of the week!

Neopoem Of The Week Winner!

The poem This Person Will Self-Destruct In... by Geezer has been chosen as the Neopoem of the week! Congratulations to geezer on such a fine write! A thank you to the Neopoem group for making their selection.

This Person Will Self-Destruct In...

How far can you let them take you
down the road of self-destruction?
While you try to build them up
help them in reconstruction

Do you let them take the food
from your family's mouth
steal your rent, your sleep
while they are going south?

This week the Neopoem Group has selected Myself, The Horizon, And The Sun by Kajiko as Neopoem Of The Week. Congratulations to Kajiko on winning this week's contest!

Thank you to the group for their efforts in selecting the weekly poem

Myself, The Horizon, And The Sun

The sun simply slid past me, threw me a wink which actually was never given, I paused and saw only the horizon, I saw its essence, evident display of affective signatures so typical to non-verbal utterances of what we dreamt of being: US, I and Her, She and I, for whichever way it was stated, it was still US.

Now I know, and I'm sure of what Pain is, because there never was a good bye, well at least not verbally, but good byes were "said." But then, surprisingly, I never stood a chance to make and present my plea, no jury, no court, safe the clouds of uncertainties and blankets of woes concurrently beating me to sleep at every point in time.

Neopoem Of The Week Contest Winner!

This week the Neopoem Group has selected the poem Off Ramps by Scribbler. Congratulations to Scribbler on such a fine write. Thanks to the group for selecting this week's winner.

Off Ramps

It's been so long I can't recall
anything but this highway
which I've shared with one and all
as time and life both slip away.

Just another traveler amongst the crowd.
kinfolk, friends and strangers too.
Rushing, passing, boisterous, loud
all in a hurry to get to.....

The stream (all workshops)

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status quo

a pair of eyes

a wandering heart
a clustered mind
an agitated being

a mutual friend
confused, as me
distant, as the sun
constant, as life
necessary, as oxygen

an angel
pure, as water
lighter than air
pretty, like her

a future
-a muddled mess
a simple complication
uncertain, as death
hopeful, as eyes.
as a pair of eyes.
vague, and unclear

you’re driving me crazy

whilst walking down some
street one day

a fellow came up to me -- began
a conversation

of many things we spoke
of life in general --
and life in specific --
he looked at me after a time
an odd view askance

I was crazy -- he told me
I was driving him crazy -- he said

I winked one wink
and rejoined, "I needn't drive you
crazy, my good sir, you're
within walking distance
of that particular destination."

I walked on down the road.


Margaret Ann Waddicor 6th November 2010.

Not snow 
but frost with wings 
of glittering silver 
stir the grasses, roots, 
and dying leaves with white, 
in night's lamp-lit glow; 
they sparkle, diamonds,
rich beyond compare, 
their stiffened forms
made sculptures 
by the air, 

Vanity's Tell

That vain bone is longer'n
both your arms,
worse'n Kathy Lee
and her put on charms.

Pretentiously caring,
with your hair slicked back,
but that magazine smile
highlights empathy's lack.

Those give and take feelings,
you think to display,
they're not fooling anybody
... not today.

spring storm

Hint of beginnings of oppressive, dry heat
pushed on easterlies
stirring the winter icy still
to sluggishly resist
onslaughts of snugness against its chill.

Threatening the warmth with cooling water
rushing from the west to support the cold
woolly black blankets of power
whipping the air below to rattle leaves
into a frenzy that sounds a lot like laughter.

Window Of Despair

In flickers of a TV screen
a thousand tales speed by,
bereft of all imagination,
without the briefest hesitation,
except where sponsors scream
about the useless filth they ply.

Through this window of despair,
a thousand souls all live and die,
each second of each life flayed open,
butterflied between each slogan
so carefully designed to snare
the careless sweep of each mind's eye.


He was just here
with those hazel eyes
drawing me into a place
love defined

Maybe I was on a dark road
at the time
and he gave me
some light and protection
against loneliness and the impact
of destiny

He understood me for who and what I am
and much more than passion can find
a way to bind -
I was trapped by his humanity...

7 November, '10



Just beyond the end of autumn
I hear the winter's call
and he arrives to slay the leaves
which, stubborn, clung through fall.

The land once green and full of life
has now grown cold and sere
and harvest's colors once so rife
no longer are seen here.

As white and silver cloak descends
to cover silent frozen land
air turns cold as all warmth ends
and quietens all at hand.


Child on horseback
Won’t you come for me?
Mother by morning
Won’t you cry for me?
Cause I am so tired of being strong
And I am so sick of being wrong
That I will refuse to breath

Sun on my shoulders
Won’t you burn me?
Moon calm the violent seas
Won’t you drown me?
Cause I am so tired of being afraid
And I am so sick of riding the waves
So I will refuse to speak


My knees hurt so much today
I decided home I'd stay
And watch the autumn sun so bright
journey from the dawn to night

The sky is not all pure and blue
within it fluffy puffballs grew
morphing as they drifted past
outpacing shadows that they cast

Between the earth and drifting cloud
flocks in migration cry out loud
as they sojourn to southern lands
in large flocks or scattered bands


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