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May 2023 Contest Winners!

Please help us congratulate Our May 2023 contest winners.

The monthly contest A Tribute To Mother
The Winner is Ruby Lord with the poem MAMMY
The May 2023 New Member Contest Winner!
The winner is Tigger Kaz with the poem titled I'm Sorry
The May 2023 Challenges Winners are

This week the Neopoem Of The Week is Dark Angel 5 by Alex Tanner. Congratulations to Alex Tanner on such a fine poem. To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

This week the Neopoem Of The Week is Sunsets by Kelly Ann Wilson . Congratulations to Kelly Ann Wilson on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.


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Rock song

Pen the lines on the back of an envelope
knock out a rock n' roll thrill
killer on the charts
stop the young girls' hearts
trigger some dreams tonight

Chord construction psychic destruction
wrapped up in a haunting beat
feel it smell it cry out wail
sexy swaggering playful intense
angst innocence peace my-god-what-is-this

Swagger strut pull the belly taut
babe is bounding down the lane
bound for good times
looking for a lover
time to break the mold pull the pin and win

Tale of Our Days

Can I remember you any longer?
If I can’t
I will remember my first lie on you;
The loose of your virgin lips
The seeing of your nakedness
Sincerity of your virginity,
When my heart is fixed
To grant your wishes like the Jehovah of the Jews.

Clinging onto Power

Chaos looms like a darkening clouds
Swirling around enveloping crowds.
A burden so heavy it crushes,
All it that it brushes.

Markets all precariously waiting
One pop sees them deflating.
Desperate mad flitting souls
With panic stricken goals.

Power clinging ON, by scary grip,
Fearful this is not just a blip.
Yet by their desperate exchange
We see the precipice of change,

I have learnt to fly...

I have learnt to fly,
At last all will come to pass.

He is my wings in this dreary winter. The light that guided the way.
Melodies and lullabies don't shy away when summoned by his harp.

For what am I without breath? For I am a bird awaiting the creator's next step.

Ash to Ash,
Breathe to breathe, Rib to rib, Hence creating a masterpiece.

I'm quiet not because I do not speak, Rather Jehovah raah will speak for me.


Pack a bag my darling
It is time for us to leave
Pack a bag my darling
Place your trust in me
There is no school tomorrow
and my heart is full of sorrow
Pack a bag my darling
I know it must seem frightening
Put your big coat on
hurry now we've not got long
Chin up my love
be brave and strong.
Pack a bag my darling
Take one Teddy bear.
I know that you are hungry
I've packed some food to share
Wear your walking shoes
don't forget your hat
No I'm sorry darling

When the Maidens from the Kitchen of Hell Rebel

Venus finally awakened and eyed
She had seen enough of so much lost pride
Christ died on the cross it was thought for all men
And my love, she thought, was it all a sin

She gazed at the world lit up that morn
Only knew women, she knew they were torn
Tween the orders they had and desires to be free
The feelings of women are strongest to be

With a broom she had swept herself and all so clean
Tended the bull who was always so mean
Survived the nights by way of laudanum
Surely to keep her feelings again numb

Love confides in the land of despair

Over the hill of despair
In the land of nowhere
Nowhere to hide
No place to reside

In the mist of gloom
In the living doom
Nothing but sadness
No sense of gladness

In the pits of humanity
In the chaos insanity
Nothing but fear
No words of cheer

Yet at sadness cost
All is not lost
When fear can disappear
And our gloom can clear

In the blink of an eye
In the vacant sky
Everything to cope
Yes words of hope


It's been months since I was clean.
(I'm glad I'm not downwind from me.)
The enemy awaits unseen
in this land I am trying to free.

A good meal is just a memory.
Spam can only last so long.
I reckon its my destiny
to try my best to right what's wrong.

BANG! That sniper fires a shot;
for once there is no answering scream
from this hill which soon will be forgot
like a nightmare, not dream.

Little Hates

They've served me well, and comfortably.
These small, everyday biases and prejudices.
Still, I want to find a way to break away from them.
Away from these little sways
before they become immense.

It's not going to be easy.
They always exact a price,
on myself and others.
I hope I haven't waited too long
and that it's not too late.


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