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C. Wolff won the Neopoem Of the week with his poetic creation titled "Hephaestus And Prometheus" Congratulations to C.wolff for winning this week's contest. Thank you to the Neopoem Group for selecting the weekly winner. To read the winning poem please visit:

Neopoet Random Challenge # 17 Winner

The winner of the Neopoet Random Challenge #17 contest is Eftichia1 with her poem In the Mirror Of Time. To read the winning poem please visit:

Neopoet Random Challenge # 18 wants to challenge you to write poetry about this month's random topic that is provided below.

Objectives: If you so accept this challenge, all you have to do is choose one or more of the following topics and write one or more poems based on your choice or choices. Please make sure your poem or poems are between 12 to 32 lines. Certificates will be given to those that use the topic as their title.

1) Waiting room
2) At The Bar
3) I'm Back
4) Hidden Room

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Summertime Blues Contest Winner!

Abby has won this month's poetry contest with the poem Summertime Blues.
Congratulations to Abby on winning this month's contest.

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Description: Write a poem about What life means to you. Poems must be free verse or structured and thirty two lines or less.

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I love you, your fire, your spirit

I know what lives inside you

A wellspring of love and compassion
Reserved for a deserving few

I gaze into the sacred pool

Where I could live a thousand years

Guarded secrets of your soul

I see my own reflections there

What is

Hope is when a stranger holds your hand and offers help;
When family abandons you;
Hope is seeing the beautiful sunlight and basking in its warmth;
Hope is not seeing the darkness but only the light.

Hope is the first breath that we take when we entered the world;
Hope is a heart with emotional pain struggling to heal;
From different types of abuse;
Yet the giving of the love to fill others;
Hope is believing in the goodness of others and caring for the greater good;
Hope is life and words untold.

Little Man

There was joy, there was sorrow
there was darkness, there was light.
And then you came to be among us
on a cold and winter’s night.

The little miracle, we had hoped for
a gift to a father, of a son.
For this Grandad, a little playmate
And time together, full of fun.

For your Mother, what she hoped for
and it seemed would never come.
A little bundle of hope and joy
her very precious baby son.

Mother Earth

What shall we say to her?
What words might bring comfort,
offer explanations, excuses?
She will turn hot and dry,
she will turn dark and joyless,
then she will simply turn away.

We will be on our own
as she secludes her province further from us,
draws her own heartbeat closer to her chest,
wipes her wounds with the little remaining
sustenance we left on her floor -

where we dragged our feet,
where we spit to make mud,
where we abandoned broken leftovers
we no longer enjoyed.


I am antisocial lock myself away from the Sun

I am happy just being in a crowd of one

I spend my days and nights talking to myself

When all is said and done I am all I have left

Not having a phone does not bother me at all

No one ever calls and I have no one to call

I am antisocial I have no need of friends

That is where the heartbreak always begins

Watch television by myself in a dark room

See a world filled with so much gloom

Live alone and that is the way I will die

No one will even know the reason why

The Vanishing Man

There was silence in the valley
Birds had nothing left to sing
The water ran dry from a dead well spring
Off in the distance you can just barely see
He was standing in a shadow smaller than a flea
Dying in the embers and going up in flames
The invisible man, never knew his name
He left no legacy, no one was amazed
No phone records and his messages erased
His voice like a signal from an old dead star
It was such a long distance, sound was just too far
Now he’s a ghost with no haunted house

What Life Means To Me

The end of my time alive
The end from when I arrive
The end of working to get paid
The end of getting laid

To begin the end
The final blend
To go back from where I came
To nothing from nothing - the same

The in-between time
While there, life is mine
The time to be aware
Should I even care?

What kind of man does not make his world a better place?

Why care if I won’t be there
Won’t be aware
Only time does remain
Life is washed away by rain


The bearing of all or partial weight
Plainly physical, obscured emotional
Desperation is a lonely estate
Reserved for only the saddest devotional

The manor is old as the land it straddles
High walls are crafted from quarried stone
Bearing scars, thousands of battles
Atop hill it stands, content and alone

Time takes a toll and weather erodes
Fortresses need their maintenance too
Repoint the mortar and repair the roads
There’s always a plethora of fixing to do

Healing Poem

I’m the one whose mistakes are made into example,
Whose clean hands white knuckle their way through a conversation,
whose love and life are only worthwhile if earned.

You say you love me “to the moon and back”
yet you turn your back to me
when I need you the most.

My whole life has reflected you.
I am what you made me to be.
Never myself, always your mirror.

O O O give me a kiss eh

you said it friend

give me a kiss eh

never give in

when loss is assured
you may still win

I always advise my kids/and grand





IF YOU REMAIN silent quick silver

They smile and say
give a 100 dollars
right away

I can only afford ten
they take it are happy
and run away
then return


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