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Neopoet Random Challenge Contest # 15 wants to challenge you to write poetry about this month's random topic that is provided below.

Objectives: If you so accept this challenge, all you have to do is choose one or more of the following topics and write one or more poems based on your choice or choices. Please make sure your poem or poems are between 12 to 32 lines. Certificates will be given to those that use the topic as their title.

1) My Mother
2) I was Lost
3) Rollercoaster ride
4) It's hard to breathe


Tall, fair, beautiful,
Wise and thoughtful too
All qualities she's endowed with
Always gives me peace

Oh! mother dear
How much I love you so
For you stuck with my twin and I
Through thick and thin

Like a mother hen
We're safe in your care
Busy or free
She's there for me

Your eyes like that of a gem
Your lips bring forth
Words of advice
As I scale through life

After years of practice
Your hands stir up dishes
Dutifully around the kitchen
That tastes so amazing

Your heart so pure
And full of love
That's worth more than gold
Your smile spreads happiness
That can't be explained

I do have more to say
But I don't have all day
A mothers love is endless
As the sun rises and sets

Curiosity of a child
Leads her far and wide
The birds in the sky glide along
She joins the fun
Singing while they hum.

Wanders though the bushes
Admires the roses
Little does she know
She's lost beyond reach.

Earth to Dorothy
No longer in her world
Of fantasies
She realizes
How deep
So deep she is
In a dark hole of CREEPIES!!

Dead into the the night
Overwhelmed with fright
She cries
"Help, help, help me
I'm lost and can't be set free."

Rain to sun now upon snow
Now its its really cold
She's waiting
Waiting for the sign
Of hope held so dear

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