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Neopoet Anthology Announcement!

We have decided to publish a Neopoet anthology with all the poets who have won any of our contests. We will start a contest to select the cover poem of the anthology. Join our contest by clicking the link below


This is wonderful news. It will be a great way to share the benefits of being on site.

If you need some help with a foreword or things of that nature please let me know. I’m ok at editorial as well. It’s not an easy thing to try and say what the site has meant to me since I found my way in here. To do it any justice in 20 lines is nearly impossible. Lol.

This is one of the best initiatives coming from our global platform. Looking forward to getting the anthology and sharing among my friends.

Well done!

Thanks for letting us know.

Neopoet Administrative Council

we have already won why not select from them
new poems 32 lines are epicurial
the dead poets accepted
lines up to 19/20
May rethink older run a way poets
winners may return

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