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December 2021 Poetry Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Scribbler
For winning the December 2021 Neopoet Poetry Contest.
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EXEMPT (December poem to friends now gone)

They are all still here inside
the circuits made of silicon
where electrons dodge and glide.
Too many poets counted as gone.

Joe, the modest expert on verse
who taught with positive feedback
(or gentle critique at the worst).
His photons sprint among the black.

And elf who fought me tooth and nail
but over time became my friend
as he urged me toward perfection's grail.
He's here although he met his end.

Then Ian with his tame calm ways
who knew more than he would let on.
In near silence met his end of days.
He lives on even though he's gone.

Of course there is the "meter maid"
who tried her best to teach me scansion
correcting each mistake I made.
She lives on in her electronic mansion.

To all still within this electronic place
whose times came then came to pass
I hope this poem can find your trace.
I wish you all a merry Christmas
there where from death you are exempt..

*and merry Christmas to all still on this side of the veil.

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