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Neopoem Of The Year 2022


Both great poems - Unwritten's poem just has the edge for me. Well done to both.

Mand xx

My heart goes to the poem. So, I vote Words unwritten

"Time will crush on us if we don't utilize it. Just remember, you're an element of time".


The two poets are really good but I vote for Geezer

Both poems are great, but I vote for Geezer.

Candice Vitalien
"Keep glowing even if no one can see your light.
For among the hidden stars on the darkest night
Someone will look up and behold
The flickering hope; words untold;
Strength and Honour my Warriors! "

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author comment

I think you are going to have to make an announcement about how to vote on this issue. too many poets are voting in comments here. good luck.

always, Cat

When someone reads your work
And responds, please be courteous
And reply in kind, thanks.

By Words.unwritten

"Time will crush on us if we don't utilize it. Just remember, you're an element of time".


Thank you soooo much for your vote ...but you have to use the box at the top and submit it by pressing the dot or it doesn't count x x xx

Both very good. The unwritten just edges it.

Admired them both. Voted by flip of a coin. Time Machine won.

Honestly, both poems are so similar in style, and content as well that at first I thought the same person wrote them both. They are both outstanding in every way. But Geeze's style really resonates with me as I can relate perfectly to what he says.

So I voted for Geeze.

Seriously tho great job on both.

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