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Conversing with Sin

Conversing with Sin

Who are you? I’m Adam, I make bad things happen

Why is that? Cos I’m one of two people, I’m the breeder of shame

What is shame? It’s a seed that is planted like a tree

Does it grow? Yes, quickly; be careful or fall low

Who am I? I’m a snake, my name is Eve and I deceive

Do you steal? Yes apples, from this tree next to me

What’s the tree? It’s knowledge, but give me some relief

Why is that? Cos I’m guilty, I make other people lean

Lean on what? On God, and this man is very mean

What are you like? I’m like you, and we will both find

We can populate the planet, which will then decline

Are you for real? Or is this, a very cunning plan

To get me into bed? but yeah, you can!

Conversing with Sin, and conversing with him

Is conversing with her, the exact same thing

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Hello, Michael,
Interesting take on Adam, Eve, and sin. You've given a lot to think about with a very unique poetic approach.
Thank you,

I second what Lavender says about giving a lot to think about in this piece. It certainly gives a different perspective. Well written!


This is something so unique
what all humans and animals do
through the day and night
why you call God's mission
as SIN...

May I you remind
he post ed women and man of your kind
to seed population
till they rest for months nine

you seed the soil of the heaven's
and spread the wings of heaven
mother earth is so happy man
you are working
helping god in his duty
we are just slaves of the night

live to enjoy
play not save

the world has picked up break neck speed
haven't you heard about trains
dashing at lightening speed

sure you too will all beat
ere you rest in... RIP
another comes and says
now see me

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